I recently met a client to discuss their dreams for greater success. Within moments a mouse ran by the table. It triggered old feelings in her that seemed to emerge from out of nowhere. Within seconds an old mental state of mind superimposed itself on the present moment. I witnessed the intrusion of old unresolved emotions seeking to be resolved. I watched as the healing process was trying to help her heal some old pain. Within her was a longing for fulfillment but she wasn’t paying attention. She did not recognize the gift nor was she listening to the language of her feelings. Instead, she was allowing her old conditioning and fearful feelings to sabotage the moment. Within seconds, her past memory was in control.

Success involves focus. Distraction is the loser’s companion.

I knew she felt tempted to give up and accept unhappiness and failure. I certainly know how it feels to have been conditioned to feeling unworthy or to wonder where I went wrong but I also know that berating myself reinforces error patterns. We all have a “mouse” or a “boogie monster” that triggers old tapes. But there comes a time when our desire to breakthrough and proclaim victory demands that we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and proceed.

Most people are enslaved to their fears and the negative suggestions of others. They will step back into the safety of their comfort zone (emotional stress) rather then proceed to break through to think and choose for themselves. They are tortured by the content of their own mind. They live in bondage, even though they have the key to their freedom.

I am routinely asked, “Why does the imaging process fail?” We are the reason the process fails or succeeds. We short-circuit our connection to the Life Force when we allow fear to rule our mind. By refusing to self-adjust in the moment we remain past-a-holics. We want results but decline to take off our blinders.

Emotional illness is a memory illness. We suffer because we fall into emotional debt. We allow blocked feelings to act as a defense. Self-deception opens the door to emotional damage.

We all need reminders that we are meant to be healthy, loving, joyous and creative. Healing is not a game of punishment and reward. It is a matter of connecting to the Healer Within and restoring ones memory.

What do you do when uncomfortable feelings arise? Do you allow them to superimpose themselves onto the present moment?

•Are you afraid to tell the truth about your feelings and deal in order to heal and succeed?
•Are you guilty of toxic nostalgia for a painful past?
•Do you want to remain a past-a-holic or move into a new present memory and a successful, healthy, wise and aware self-image?
•Are you willing to use energy creatively and proceed?

Your Feelings Are Worth a Fortune!

You have the power to conquer fear and transform doubt. You have the ability to re-train your imagination, but it is up to you to exercise this power.

If the plug to your air conditioner fell out of the wall would you feel punished, wounded or betrayed or would you use your intelligence and restore the connection? It takes courage to think and restore our connection to the Life Force so that it remains unbroken. With understanding and practice you can rise up in consciousness and break any fixation spell. You can begin to release the spiritual riches within you and let the current flow freely.

You are the Ruler of Your Thoughts - Not the Servant!

Your thoughts are creative. Success is a state of mind. Healthy people are life-minded people. That there is a relationship between our beliefs and moods is being accepted by more and more people. No matter what happened to you in the past, you can make a decision to saturate your deeper mind with new mental images fueled from acceptance, joy and love today.

Love dissolves emotional poisons and imagining creates reality.

Your dominant beliefs and feelings cause your subconscious mind to respond to the nature of your ideas. It will create lack and limitation if you dwell on the poverty of the past as easily as it will attract prosperity, harmonious relationships and success when you emotionalize thought forms along these lines.


Imagination rules, so keep your imagination on a success track.
•Strengthen your relationship with your imagination and your capacity to image new results will increase.
•Use challenges to reveal what needs to be healed in your memory box.
•Let go of limiting beliefs that caused you to break your connection with your creative power and rebuild belief where there is none.
•Make the connection between your mental blueprint/images and the healing breakthrough that you seek.
•Practice the Art of Concentration. Focus is the winner’s companion.

Let your mouse be free of the past, and you will be free of the mouse.

Never close a door on a dream—your dreams are calling you!

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Melissa Zollo, law of attraction and self motivation specialist, is the author of "Discover the Power of Imagination" and "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money." CD programs. Free newsletter www.presentmemory.com

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