I first learned of this valuable strategy from my good friend and mentor Richard Sutphen, author of Radical Spirituality.

Many try to change outer circumstances instead of working with the law of attraction and changing their inner world. Often trying to change the outer world will work against you rather than for you. Whenever you attempt to control someone else you are expressing fear and shutting down your solar plexus. Usually the fear comes in the form that the other person isn't going to be who you want them to be or do what you want them to do. But, this isn't right as it is in violation of the rights of personal freedom and choice.

Simple idea: Fear shuts down your solar plexus or third chakra and Love or optimism open the third chakra, your magnetic center for the law of attraction.

It is time to Let Go and Let God. Trust that to serve the greater good, you must open your mind and heart and let go. Become a living example of unconditional love by giving without expectation of return and by transcending your desire to judge and to blame or find fault. Judging and blaming are backward thinking. Forward thinking is responsibility thinking.

As Richard says, "When you stop fighting life, life stops fighting you and the transformation to a higher level can and does occur. "When you stop resisting the inevitable, you can embrace it, accept it and rise above it. Letting go allows you to flow through life naturally, naturally guided by your inner wisdom without restrictive preconceived ideas."

By letting go and letting God you are trusting in your Oversoul, your Atman, your Higher Potential and exercising your faith. When you do this, a great adventure in life is yours.

Spring is an excellent time to Let Go and Let God. And so is summer, fall and winter and especially, RIGHT NOW. Let Go and allow the God of your Heart to guide you today.

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