Sending greeting cards to the people closest to you is one of the best ways of letting them know that they are dear to your hearts. When all other forms of communication, such as text messaging, tweeting and email are so simple to facilitate, there is something about the time and trouble spent choosing and sending just the right photo cards which will magnify the impact of the message you are getting across.

Finding just the right card to send to a person can often be a tricky business. One of the reasons for this is the multiplication in the number of occasions upon which people generally feel it is fitting to send a card. Whereas once, mainly special days such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays would have merited the sending of a card, it is now seen as the done thing to do to send them to mark a huge number of life’s milestones. The more obvious of these, of course, are things such as the birth of a baby, moving house or starting a new job, but over and above these momentous occasions, people now choose to send cards when someone passes an exam, a driving test or to say thank you to someone who is helped them out such as a teacher or doctor.

For some, a humorous image would be ideal, whilst others might merit something more high spirited and humorous. Often, however, searching through the photo cards on offer it can seem all but impossible to find something which is just right. The obvious answer to this conundrum is to make a card yourself. Not only will the image you choose, by definition, be absolutely perfect, but the recipient will also be delighted to see just how much thought and effort you’ve put into their card. Making your own card, however, might seem like a huge and risky leap to make for anyone who isn’t a committed and well-practiced artist. After all, no matter how touching a card might at first appear to be, if it is produced to a shoddy and somewhat slapdash standard it ultimately won’t be that impressive.

Digital photography, however, provides the answer to this problem, since it allows you to use your own images to craft professionally printed cards which are perfect for any and every situation. Congratulating someone on the birth of a child, for example, you might wish to use an image taken of them when they were just a toddler, whilst a Valentine’s day card featuring a shot of the place where you and your partner like to go for romantic hand held walks would see any shop-bought rival pale into insignificance.

Having chosen the image which you feel is just right, all that you need to do is upload it to the relevant website. Once you’ve done this, you can use the software provided to tweak and alter every aspect of your card. The size, shape and framing can be adjusted and, when you’ve got it just right, the card will be printed to a standard usually seen on the shelves of stationers utilizing thick glossy card and state of the art printing techniques. You can even add text to truly get the message across or, if you think they meet the occasion more closely, create your own photo postcards.

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The disparate nature of all of these occasions has led to a boom in the number of different types of personalised greeting cards required.