In Pete Townsend’s song, he sings “Let my love open the door.” From this moment on, I want you to let your love open the door to your own heart. What I mean by that is that you must love yourself first in order to discover the love and positive energy that surrounds you. It is more prevalent than you think it is. When you have closed your own heart to the potentiality that exists around you, you cannot possibly begin to see the opportunities that you are missing. You can begin with an exercise that I find most rewarding in times needed the most: meditation.

Meditate on what it is you are trying to reveal to yourself. When you have never loved yourself or you have stopped loving yourself, you are caught in a trap of negative emotions that bar you from revealing your authentic self. By meditating, you are opening the channels to the Universal flow of energy. After you open this energetic flow, you are empowering yourself with a brilliant source of renewable vigor that keeps your mind sharp, your senses heightened, and your heart open to the infinite bounty that awaits you.

An effective mantra is always a good mental tool to employ as well. For example, I might begin with something like, “I love my mind, body and spirit. And because I am in tune with the Universal flow of energy, all things are possible.” Say this mantra slowly and a few times daily. Just saying it once has a profound effect on your mentality, your spirituality, and your physical wellbeing. You can choose to close your eyes if you wish, but I like to focus on something in nature like a bird, a tree, a flower, or a favorite image. If you’re more daring, add a splash of your own imagination and gift of visualization -- allow your mind to take you to your favorite destination: a beach, a park, a mountain, a valley, or anywhere special you might like to be.

One of the most serene images that comes to mind is an secluded beach with big sandy dunes. I can see my footprints in the sand, and I can feel the grainy crystals shifting beneath my feet. The warmth of the summer breeze is whipping around my shoulders, and in the distance I can hear the soothing sounds of the surf and the cooing of seagulls up above. You see, it doesn’t take much to paint a picture in your mind; and the more you practice meditating, repeating mantras, and visualizing the calm and beautiful wonders of your mind, the more susceptible you are to opening your heart to the blessings that are yours for the asking.
If nothing else works, listen to music that inspires you and lightens the load you’ve been carrying for way too long. Let me recommend, “Let my love open the door” as a good pick-me-up song!

Until we speak again, I am
Joan Marie, your Intuition Girl

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