Instincts are good. That is one quality that managers and executives must never take for granted. Yes, while it may be true that looking at graphs and figures gives you a better sense of reality in inside sales, sometimes, trusting your gut instincts can take you further. Generating B2B leads is an art and science. No doubt you have noted a lot of marketing campaign that, despite solid statistical predictions and the like, fail to produce qualified sales leads. It takes a little creativity and imagination to grab the attention of prospects, and your instincts are the first indicators whether this will work or not. The question here is this: how will you be sure that your instincts are right?

The answer here lies on what you should do to make it right.

1. Heed your interests - your instincts are hard-wired to your interests and ideas. If you feel like doing something, and you really are driven to do it, then it is your instincts telling you that you are on to something. Your instincts is merely your passion in another form. Remember, what you love to do will define what your instincts will tell you.

2. Give your all - every good instinct, in order to be effective, requires your full dedication to making it happen. Basically speaking, you really have to put in  a lot of hard work. And it is a good thing. If you want to follow what you feel is right, like some new tactic in lead generation, you will find a way to reach it, no matter what obstacles lay in your way.

3. Be involved in your idea - as I have mentioned above, your instincts are defined by what you love to do. By being immersed in the world around our idea, we get to stock up in knowledge and ideas that will help us along the way. The nice thing here is that other people cannot say you have no idea how your plan work. You are living it already.

4. Go against the rules - while this is not an advice for everyone, this point holds some merit. The business environment changes over time, perhaps even faster now. This means whoever put down the rules you follow today are following the trends of the past. Another point here is in terms of leading the pack. You cannot do that by following the rules. If you want to get ahead in say, appointment setting, you need to brave enough to go against the accepted norms.

5. Be open to change - nothing is permanent, including your business ideas. What may seem so hot yesterday may not be that much today. When that happens, be ready to change your plans. As long as you follow the basic concept dictated by your instincts, adapting your business ideas will not be that bad at all. 

As you grow your business through your inside sales campaign inside sales campaign, there are other rules that you can add along the way. Just follow your instincts, and your work will be just fine.

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