The City Beautiful’ is an awarded name to the city of Chandigarh. Chandigarh city is capital of two significant and popular states of India named Haryana & Punjab. The city of Chandigarh is decorated beautifully and its surroundings are well-furnished with floral beauty. This city of Chandigarh is popularly known as Clean City also. It is a union Territory, so it has its own government. The government of Chandigarh city is developed with many developments and today we can get to see the city is shining with all colors. A city is considered as developed city only then when citizens of the city are not feeling any lacking in the process of their daily life. Citizens are the main issue in our country, as our nation is a democratic nation. If public gets to suffer on his procedure then there are still certain lacking which are creating hurdles on public’s path.

The city of Chandigarh has been developed with advanced infrastructural flairs. Smooth telecommunication services, power services, water services and so on so forth. All these define that the city is well-built with all kinds of facilities now, the key issue which drags everyone to a point of question, is always the matter and factor of Education. Education is the above all. It matters before every other things matter. Education is the key factor of everyone’s life and it plays major role to be only one source of survival. If there is no education then no other infrastructural can matter. Even, it is only education which makes public able/eligible to go through all the infrastructural issues of our system. Education makes one’s mind active and faster, so human can work accordingly. Chandigarh city is educationally, top class center in India. Educational centers are not at all lacking over here. City is well-developed with many educational centers which have nationally, plus globally achieved recognition. Chandigarh has developed good numbers of engineering colleges, institutes, private, public both, additionally medical colleges.

These have been information about all the higher study centers in Chandigarh. Now, the main issue of our article is Schools. What kind of schools, the city of Chandigarh has been nourishing over the years. Schools are very famous in Chandigarh. As all the schools viz. residential schools, international schools, primary schools, pre-primary schools and so on so forth, affiliated under central boards, namely ICSE, CBSE and all have doing their best and offering the society with quality services over many years. Ever since the city of Chandigarh has been incepted schools have been got the key responses and attention from the union government. School stands as the symbol of first place of education where children get to know the other facet of their life and this world. Chandigarh’s schools beaded with all the advanced technological devices and flairs so children can get to feel being studied in the midst of 21st century’s achievements. Schools are developed with wide range of playgrounds, many other sections like, especially in nursery schools, e.g. toy rooms, conference rooms, computer labs, activity rooms, dance rooms, music rooms and all. Additionally swimming pools and other sport facilities are also adequately available in all the schools. Teachers are also serving with their best knowledge.

This has been the scenario of schools in Chandigarh city.

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