So What’s Really Going On?

You gave up your bleeping freedom to get a job. That’s why you bleeping hate it. You can’t communicate effectively or freely, so you end up with a whole bunch of suppressed desires. You exchange time for money and you have to sacrifice so much of yourself to work. What else are you going to give up? Are you going to give up your worth, your creativity, and your ideas? You are a modern day slave who is no longer forced to work under a burning hot sun. Now, you are tortured with how to manuals, regulations, and guidelines that will ensure that you will never feel alive again. So maybe you’re not picking bundles of cotton or being whipped by a slave master. Now you’re being thrashed by your boss’ pen. Each write-up or note in your file is like a hash tag of whip marks on your back. You hate your bleeping job because you are forced to be subservient, submissive, inferior, and “enslaved” into a life of fear.

You hate your bleeping job because the only sense of reprieve that you get is moving up into the master’s house.

Yes, your once ambitious aspirations have devolved into you being a house slave/middle manager. This is the station where everyone who is imprisoned by the mind aspires to be. In this position, you can really express your desires to be a complete asshole by humiliating your workers and or employees, subjecting them to ridiculous demands and work hours, and keeping them incarcerated and controlled into your own little prison of fear. If they act up, going into solitary confinement is not enough. Instead, they get sold off, forcefully separated from their work family and never to be seen again. You hate your bleeping job because it has turned into a plantation where you are painfully employed. And your dreams of being free are as distant as a chariot descending from the heavens. This does not only apply to a job, it could be a dream business that you are failing miserably in. You know the business that I am talking about? The one that has more secret debt than Enron.

You Hate Your Bleeping Job Because You Enslaved Yourself To It

You are giving your job or business all of your power. You are so focused on the negative. You’re focusing on pleasing your master, your boss, on gossiping with employees, on being tied to this illusionary sense of security, that you’ve forgotten where the power lies. You have forgotten who you are, and you’ve allowed a job to shape you into a person that you never wanted to be. So you live your life in fear of being who you truly are. And this is the worst kind of slavery. Just understand that many institutions will suck you dry. They want you to be part of a machine, so that way you can be easily replaced. This way of thinking makes having a job the most risky endeavor of them all. So the only thing that you can do is focused on being free, on being unique. This way, you’ll always be irreplaceable. And you won’t hate your bleeping job!

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