Recently, somebody seriously said they were scared of marriage. I couldn't immediately understand the reason the person made such a statement. The fact is that the images we see and the news we hear about marriages around is enough to make people start getting afraid of getting married.

A lot of times marriage is made into something like a cage. How then would we expect people to want marriage? People would only start desiring marriage and in fact long for it when this misconception is changed.

The general response to marriage would surely change when our news begin to feature marriages that are really successful and happy. If however we continue to fill our media with tales of separation, alimony, spousal support and all the issues that arise from divorce, many folks would choose to steer clear of marriage.

We can all help in improving the perception of marriage in our society. One basic thing to do is learn how to save a marriage. This correction cannot come only if we begin telling people that marriage is good. People have to see our existing marriages doing very well. This is the best testimony.

At this juncture, we can begin to appreciate the need for marriage counselors. Something they should do is help folks understand the way to help a marriage. People need to understand the way they should interact with married couples. You would be shocked at the level of issues in marriages that are caused by external factors.

External factors in lot's of instances are your pals, parents, siblings etc. Lot's of times, because we have been with these folks most of our lives, we allow them interfere in our relationship with our partner. Yes, we understand that they are still important to you. You however have to understand that your partner now comes first.

On this very issue but from another angle, we should by ourselves understand how to let couples live their affairs without interference. Our parents should learn to let their kids alone. Lot's of problems have arisen from issues like these. We many times see a husband who is torn between siding with his mother or wife. We also see lot's of wives who don't know how to choose between her pals and husband.

Though the couple has the main part to play, the folks close to the couple also have their role. The man's friends ought to know that he would likely not spend as much time with "the boys". The friends of the wife ought to also know this of their friend. These two now have a new life to manage. Unfortunately, pals have been culpable in the breakup of many marriages.

Marriage isn't an all comers thing. It is for the husband and his wife alone. Let's help save a marriage today by giving them the assistance they require and letting them build their new life without interference.

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