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My Dear Sweet Ones,

What have you learned this year, Dear Ones?

Have you learned to be kind to one another, to yourselves, and to your children and grandchildren? If you haven’t learned this, Sweetums, then you best begin right away! After all, if YOU can’t be kind to you, your loved ones and your environs, who can?

Don’t forget that kindness starts at home. And where is your home but within your own body/mind temple?

Oh yes, let us tarry on that subject of your “temple” for awhile. Do you know that I look after it with My kindness as you let Me? After all, what do you think “healing” is? Healing is when I restore you to robust uniqueness, to your most optimum matrix—your very own design in the best and most integrated order. We do that with what you call “energy,” but with what I am more inclined to call a feast of humanness.

That means that when you do not shrink from your most precious Life, when you give it all up to Me, your Mother/Doctor along with the benefit of your Father/Hospital—Pharmacy so-to-speak, you come to wholeness in however We know is best for you to “recover,” meaning even if you finally leave your human body, you are still within the range of recovering your robust matrix, just as long as you stay with that attitude.

And then if you remain in that as you pass over, you shall have healed a huge rift in your psyche and consciousness to call that epitome of health to run to you in consequent visits to Earth.

You see, We have the whole thing sewed up. Nothing is lost. And “nothing ventured is nothing gained.” I know that sounds like old hack to your ears, but Sweet Ones, it underlies your culture because it describes a certain truth.
Work with your healing, love your healing and lay yourself entirely open to Me and your Sweet Dad (Infinite Consciousness) so that we may have your very permission to weave our healing with you. If you do not want us to heal you, you will certainly reject Us and keep to your pain, your desperation and your un-fulfillment. Believe Me, We do know the game, the game of Life after all!

Now, if you are progressing towards healing, you may be very explicit about what you are planning on gaining. But you may not hold that up to us as an ultimatum, or as the only way that you can acknowledge that We are with you, Dear One. Oh, no! That is because we send you all kinds of amazing little gifts, rather like “stocking stuffers” at Christmas that will consequently grow and bloom within you as your greatest strengths, your most precious memories and understandings. And yet you could never have known to tell us that these little healing “surprises” would mean everything to you.

So, you see, healing is at least as much of an adventure as is any other part of your very visceral life, maybe even more. Just check it out!

Now, please sit calmly and let recognition of what you would like healed in your life, body, relationships, mind, emotions or your world become apparent to you. Allow the realization of what would deeply satisfy you gather in your gut, as you breathe out what doesn’t work for you—-perhaps forgiving, perhaps overturning or just making the conscious switch to real, satisfying, and strong arena in your gut, your heart, your body and your mind. Your conscious breath is an all-time key, you know. And please don’t be impatient. Just keep up. Time is not an issue here, just process.

Then give it all to your Pa and Me. Let us weave together a fine surprise for you. And it will come! Maybe not in just the way that you ordered it. But don’t forget, just as every parent can see a greater horizon for their child, so we can with you as well, Dear. So, as the surprises come, use your inquisitiveness, your sleuth’s sixth sense to uncover why We have sent you the Healing—-those big and little surprises that you take your breath away early Christmas morning—primarily in your early morning sadhana (daily spiritual practice) that is!

We love you way beyond what you could fathom. Just let Us hold you and bring you just what you need, even if it may look odd or you are inclined to dismiss it or even turn away in heartache or disgust. Please accept our gift anyway. Then unwrap it layer by layer, particle by particle until you get to pure neutral to allow our golden sunshine Light to penetrate your very Being!

As you relax, relax, relax, it can be rewarding and enjoyable. If you fight Us, you will hold yourself in jeopardy. So, might as well accept, relax, and consciously peel back the layers to find what is hidden there for you from your very most loving Parents!

All Love in Divine,
Your Most Divine Parents—Mother Earth and Father Infinity

Copyright Siri-Gian Khalsa,, 2011
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Siri-Gian Kaur is an intuitive who has been listening to Mother Planet for about 3 years and sending her sometimes quirky, but always wise and comforting messages to you. She will also help decipher your predicaments by listening to your own Soul or Baba Siri Chand to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to help you heal it. This is not "psychic" where the ideas are laid on you. This is intuition--listening to your own real Self! And she also gives telecoures in which you learn to listen to your own Soul and live your life accordingly for peace, healing and contentment! .