Imagine you wake up in the morning, ready to slip into the flow of the day ahead. There’s a sense of inner calm tinged with the excitement of possibility. You have honored your commitment to begin each day with a reflective prayer or meditation, and as you move through your morning routine there is a great knowing that you have all the time you need.

Ahhhh. Another wonderful day has just begun…

Then there are the other days when you feel like you just got shot from a cannon and you're not sure where you're headed.

There is a simple shift in consciousness that can make all the difference in the world to help keep you on track.

It is, simply, to consciously decide to give your day over to Spirit, even if that is the scariest thought on earth. “What, me, surrender control?” Yup, it’s the old tried and true “let go and let God.”

I am certainly not the first to advocate such a thing, nor will I be the last. Yet in our times, this is not some super spiritual, holy roller ideal but rather a practical principle of daily living that leaves the beneficiary (YOU) with the priceless gift of guidance and peace. It is the first step in the creation of an effortless flow toward whatever you desire, and it begins this very day.

What does it mean to “let go and let God” and how do we do it anyway?

I’ve heard it said you just have to "give your worries over to divine care" (yes, and if that was so simple, would we all still be sweating?) which seems to go along with "get down on your knees and pray like the dickens" - a good plan in any language when the going gets rough.

Perhaps we can reframe “letting go and letting God” as having less to do with belief or even faith, and more to do with our own attachment to being the big boss.

It begins with surrendering some basic mental baggage.

1: You don't know it all.
2: You don't need to know it all (for the world to turn and life to go smoothly.)
3: You won't ever know it all!

In place of the painfully stressful belief that “knowing” is the answer to a peaceful day, why not begin this day simply with not knowing? Take a deep breath, and BE unknowing. Just let it gel that figuring it all out is simply not the point.

Feel “unknowing” in your body…feel it in your breath…

Oh, what a relief.

Once you feel centered in this awareness of empty space, you create new opportunity. Here is where faith arrives in the intention "I am in the process of receiving all the help that I need, in whatever it’s form, for the best possible result for all concerned."


Hold space for being rather than having…

When peace arrives, you have succeeded.

There, you did it.

Now say, “thank you”

Like any discipline, practice makes perfect. And by the way, when "knowing" does arrive at your door, please don’t forget to open it!

Stay tuned…there’s more to come.

Author's Bio: 

Gael Chiarella Alba is the best selling author of AM and PM Yoga Meditations and Founder of The Yokibics Way. You can find her at