A real spontaneous trip is when you challenge yourself to go for a trip without any planning. It means no planning at all. It may also mean that you may have to spend a lot more time and money than you think, but nothing matters beyond the memories you make.

Unplanned travel is expensive

In very rare chances, the last minute deals are cheaper than their usual rates. Otherwise, whenever you reach the airport or railway station to buy a ticket at the eleventh hour, you must be prepared to shell out more money than you would do for a preplanned booking. In addition, if you have suddenly decided to pack your bags for a vacation during popular holidays or national festivals, especially in India, you must lose hope to find a seat. Even the prices for Self-Drive Cars blow up too high during popular holidays. If you don’t mind paying the inflated price, you must opt for the last minutes vacations.

It is possible to bring down the cost 

Though you would surely like the unplanned trip, it is better to keep a few options in mind. You don’t have to blindly sign up for a place just because it popped up on the screen at the airport or railway station. You can shortlist 8-10 destinations beforehand, narrow down your choices, and then finalize the destination based on your budget. If you are in India, for example, you can travel to any part of the country from Delhi or Mumbai. However, you need to assess what suits your requirements, fantasies, and budget.

The fondest reminiscences

Spontaneous travel often gives you the dearest memories of your life. When you reach a place without prior planning, you can carry on your journey like that only. Travel the old school way and don’t use your phone to guide you to places. Ask the locals about the places that you must visit and the directions to those locations. You will often take wrong turns, mess up your clothes in rain, or eat something distasteful. At the same time, you may come across a river while walking on a random road, try a unique local cuisine in a desolate restaurant, or get into a pleasant conversation with a fellow traveler. When you return home, that spontaneous trip will give you the most unforgettable memories, even more than the planned ones.

The best people you meet

Since you have already set your expectations low, you may make new friends at your travel destination when you least expect it. While asking for directions to a coffee shop, you may end up having a snack session with a stranger. You may meet someone going in the same direction as you, and the bond may develop into a lifelong friendship. Even if you don’t make friends, you may at least have contacts in a new city. The unprecedented friendships are often the ones that you cherish the most throughout your life.

Excitement is high

When you do not expect anything from a place, you will find yourself excited like a kid whenever you discover something new. Every new place, thing, food, or person will thrill your senses, and you will enjoy your trip more than you would have done if you already knew everything. Yes, you may also find yourself disappointed at some times, but it may also happen when you carefully plan everything. Therefore, it is better to strategize nothing and just go with the flow. You will love every moment of your vacation even if things go wrong. Be spontaneous to make the most of your vacation.

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I am fond of roaming with Self Drive Cars on my own for exploring the India. Here I want to share my experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.