What happens during a NDE (near death experience)? Countless people have experienced the death of their physical bodies, then come back to life to share the insight from the other side.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) is the largest NDE website in the world with over 4000 experiences in over 23 Languages.

Since one cannot prove a NDE with physical evidence, it’s natural to be skeptical. Their FAQ page has a lot of helpful information, including answers to all the typical.

We searched through their database and found what we believe are the most fascinating accounts to share with our readers. Click on the name in each section if you’d like to be taken to the NDERF site to read the entire case history.

Tricia B NDE 8086 left her body after a cardiac arrest during surgery. She could feel the prayers of loved ones slowing her down as she progressed to the Light. This is a common occurrence in NDEs, which implies that thoughts are things, and prayers are energy that can be helpful.

Mohammad Z NDE 16083, a Muslim, had a NDE from a car accident and learned the importance of unconditional acts during his life review on the other side. His guides showed him a time in his life as a child when he was carrying water in a bucket. It was too heavy for him, but instead of emptying some of the water right where he was, he noticed a nearby tree that was by itself in a dry section of land. He made the effort to go out of his way and empty some of the water on the tree and made sure it was absorbed in the soil. In his life review of this scene, he said the spirits in the Universe were proud of him and full of happiness from this simple act. He was surprised, but they explained to him that what he did was cherished because he did it from the heart with no expectations of anything in return.

The importance of unconditional love and decent behavior, toward the highest good of everyone involved, cannot be emphasized enough.

Sam J NDE 7352 experienced clinical death with absent brain function after being in a coma and was taken off life support. During his NDE, he felt so good on the other side that he didn’t want to return to his body, but was told that he had to go back to complete that lifetime. After his experience, he said crossing over to the other side will be a major wake-up call for people who don’t accept that the spirit world is a separate world from the mind, earthly knowledge, and logic.

Robyn F NDE 7209 was losing consciousness when her husband was trying to murder her. She went through a tunnel of light and encountered a being that looked like Jesus. She asked him, “What do I do?” He told her to forgive her husband. She felt the intense forgiveness and love instantly and then, after regaining consciousness, it dramatically changed the energy in the room with her husband. She was able to talk him out of killing her and escape.

Robyn learned during her NDE that, “forgiveness releases us from the burden of judgment. As human beings, we are not equipped to judge, and to do so can cause great harm to ourselves and to others.” She said the act of forgiveness, surrendering to it, allowed her to be an, “empty vessel so its power could manifest.”

Note: God, or whatever you chose to call a higher power, appears in a familiar form on the other side. It explains why Robyn “encountered a being that looked like Jesus,” and not Buddha, for example, since she most closely relates to Christianity of all the possible religions and spiritual beliefs.

Romy NDE 7153 had a NDE after a car accident in India. She was astonished to perceive during her life review, in addition to all her actions throughout her life, all the thoughts she had ever had. She realized they are as real as actions, and every action, thought, and word created a cause and effect-like equation.

We’ve found this to be true in our years of past life regression experiences. This highlights the importance of always doing the right thing since, ultimately, no one gets away with anything.

Joan LH NDE 6896. Many who return from a NDE don't share it because it's difficult to describe, and they fear people won't believe them. For example, Joan’s parents were very religious and her NDE didn’t fit with their beliefs. They found it easier to dismiss her experience than reconsider the Church’s teachings. During her NDE, Joan realized “religions had it wrong, all religions,” mainly about rules and judgment, which are incompatible with the intense love and forgiveness (and no religion) on the other side. She said, “They made it all so complicated when really it was very easy. There IS only Love and we're all part of it.”

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