June 2011 saw the successful launch of my very first book, WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE – simple insights for your inspiration & empowerment (www.WelcomeToYourLifeBook.com).

Throughout the whole process (from writing the manuscript, to releasing the book), I learnt many valuable life lessons, which I am sharing with you! So, here they are:

• Always hold on to the vision that you have got. My vision was to release a book which will empower people en masse, and allow me to donate part of the royalties to charity. There were obstacles and hurdles in the way, which I had to overcome. Every time something did not go as planned or expected, I would remind myself to hold onto my vision, to keep looking ahead to the bigger picture, and make sure that I keep my eyes on the bigger picture instead of getting distracted.

• Reach out for help and support. There will be times when we may feel overwhelmed with the task ahead. It may be beneficial to reach out for support! If someone has already accomplished what your goal is, get their guidance. My book mentor, Keith Leon was instrumental in the whole process! If I was doing it all by myself, I would have been stuck and I could have given up. I could have thought, “This project is too big. It’s too hard, it’s too high of a mountain to climb. I cannot do this. It’s not for me.”

• Take time out for yourself to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Besides working on your project, do other things that you like doing. Otherwise,you may get burnt out. When I was working on this book, sometimes I spent 16 hour days in front of the computer. I would wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning to make calls to America. It was hard work, I admit it, and it took a lot out of me. Having said that, I was doing regular exercise, I was eating healthy food and drinking lots of water. If you are doing a big project, you need to look after yourself.

• Regardless of the outcome, be proud of yourself. Even if my book had not made it to the bestsellers' list, I would have still been proud of myself because I know that the work that Keith Leon, Heather Marsh (my editor), and I put into the book has to be respected, acknowledged and validated. Every effort has its reward! Let your gratitude towards your effort be the biggest reward!

• Have a cause which will serve the wider community. I chose to put my book through the business charity network called B1G1 (www.b1g1.com), so that part of my royalties would go to a charity of my choice, which happens to be Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary (www.edgarsmission.org.au). Making a positive difference to the wider community makes my book project feel complete! Living comes from giving, so let your project or goal have a giving component.

• Set yourself up for the next project. Work has already begun on my second book. All the insights from my experience with the first book will make the next project a lot simpler. Setting and achieving goals should be an ongoing process. The man or woman who is continually expanding their own life ends up expanding the lives of others as well!

• Always reward yourself at the end. As the book launch approached, I rewarded myself with a self-given gift. In my case (being a fitness fanatic), I gave myself a brand new mountain bike. That kept me looking forward to the book launch and beyond. When you receive the reward, the feeling will encourage you to set more goals so you can build on your success and keep going forward. Needless to say, I really enjoy riding my new mountain bike because it reminds me of the work that I put into my book, which led me to getting this bike!

After reading this article, please ask yourself the following questions:
• What is my next project or goal?
• How can I apply any of the above mentioned lessons to my next project or goal?
• How will it serve me (and others) if I applied the above mentioned lessons to my next project or goal?

Inspiring you to achieve more,
Ronny K. Prasad (Author, Speaker, Life Coach & Executive Coach)

Author's Bio: 

Ronny K. Prasad is the author of the bestseller, WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE - simple insights for your inspiration & empowerment (www.WelcomeToYourLifeBook.com). He is also an inspired speaker who empowers his audience with his enthusiasm and energy. His passion is inspiring and fulfilling lives, and sharing his insights with people around the world. He actively supports animal charities in many countries.