Anticipation, The expectation of something good

Having something to look forward to is great – but we tend to only look forward to stuff like holidays or birthdays or Christmas or other things like that.

Wouldn’t it be good if we just looked forward to something nice, fun, interesting happening to us each day

It doesn’t have to be anything big – but maybe if we expect the best out of our day – maybe the traffic being lighter than normal, or the train coming in on time, or the boss praising us for a job well done, or a child saying ‘thank you’ without being told to.

Little things do mean a lot.

If we wake expecting the best that’s probably what we’ll start to encounter.

We’ll find that good things will start to happen to us ‘automatically’; people will treat us better because that’s what we’ll be giving out.

Better to say ‘today is going to be a good day’ which will lift you and make you feel good and your anticipation will keep you going,

If the train is late – well no change there then, or the traffic is bad, or the boss is grumpty – well so what? Next….

Because I guarantee something good will happen that will make you smile – maybe a friend will turn up out of the blue with an invitition, or you’ll get a really great deal on a purchase, -

It doesn’t matter what it is – but it’s the ‘anticipation’ which is the exciting bit

Maybe the sun will shine for the first time in a week, or it just won’t be raining

I’m not being a ‘Pollyana’ – just showing you that by anticipating something good, your outlook will change.

You know how excited you feel when you’re planning a holiday or a break, or a special dinner or whatever it is – the surge of excitement that builds up as the day/event draws ever nearer.

Well how good would it feel just to have that on a daily basis?

Just a small level of excitement every day – just a feeling that something good will happen today.

Give it a try – for a week – see how your mood will change
Instead of seeing the ‘grey’ or the ‘if onlys’ - see the bright side…….

Expect the unexpected – every day is a blessing – it’s a gift – that’s why it’s call ‘the present’

Treat it as such – unwrap each day with eager anticipation for the joy it will bring – and it will

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I believe that what we put out there we get back and the only way to improve our lives is by ‘reprogramming’ our mindset.
The 3 greatest internal blocks people have are fear, self doubt and procrastination. When we release those we can be, do, have whatever it is we truly desire.
Like a computer when the 'hardware' isn't congruent with the 'software' no advancement can be made when we are out of sync; and it's the same with our brains. If we say one thing – and believe in our subconscious something totally, different we’ll never make the changes we think we want. Our thoughts and beliefs are what makes us tick so whatever the issue whether it’s relationships, work/career, money, self esteem, confidence; I help people look at what is holding them back and help them release those ties enabling them to go forward with whatever it is they desire. . But it can be a very painful process, the letting go, and people have to be ready and willing to make the changes.
I use EFT (tapping) NLP and Hypnosis - 3 very powerful effective and quick processesin my sessions with clients. These are Practical techniques that they can use straight away at home