Spring is the best time to go on a road trip - and the Philippines is one of the most highly recommended places that you should definitely try out if you have not travelled here before. Whether you are planning to arrive in the Philippines by flight, or by riding across borders on your motorcycle - when you arrive, we strongly recommend that you try out exploring the countryside on a 2-Wheeler because that is the best way to explore and experience Philippines up close and personal! With that in mind, here are a few simple things to plan a stress free, fun ride on your motorcycle in the Philippines.

Plan Early, Plan for Fun

In order to have fun, the basic thing that you must do is to plan for it. Start by taking some time to explore all the opportunities and options that you have in the Philippines to spend your time and money on. To do that, do your research thoroughly, and find spots that will not be overcrowded, but also will give you a good chance to explore the legendary beauty of the Philippines. With restrictions being lifted gradually all around the world, people are planning for their Philippines trip and the sooner you get your planning done, the better option you have at enjoying the vacation with very little distraction or competition with other travelers and tourists. So, plan at least a few months in advance because there are a lot of things to take care of especially if you are arriving from a different country!

Don't Take Safety for Granted

While the primary focus should definitely be on having fun during your motorcycle trip to the Philippines, you should at no given point of time take your safety for granted. The laws and regulations in the Philippines are strictly maintained and enforced- which means you should not give the local law enforcement officials any pretext to pull you over and penalize you. Always make sure to wear a branded premium full face motorcycle helmet that has been certified for use in the Philippines, along with other motorcycle riding safety accessories and gears such as a riding jacket, riding boots and gloves- the material should be chosen according to the temperature of the Philippines that you anticipate during the spring.

Get Your Motorcycle Ready for The Trip

If your motorcycle has been sitting in the garage for several months now during the winters, it's time to get it out, dust it off and take it for a preemptive maintenance and preparation for the upcoming road trip. However, if you do not want to go through all of that hassle, one simple way of exploring the Filipino countryside on a motorcycle without bringing your own motorcycle is to rent one! There are different options varying from adventure touring motorcycles, to small capacity commuter machines which are perfect for traveling around the local roads and by lanes. But if you are planning to bring your own motorcycle, make sure that the tires are in perfect order, the machine has been properly tuned and the luggage situation has been sorted out to carry everything you need for the trip.

Plan the Money Matters with A Little Buffer

After the pandemic, motorcycle touring has become the most hygienic way of traveling because you do not have to sit in close contact with anybody else like you have to do on public transportation. So, when you ride a motorcycle, there is the definite cost of fuel and total charges which are simply unavoidable. On top of that, accommodation and food our primary expenses that you must account for while planning the travel budget. Get yourself a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers everything from mechanical problems to loss of luggage, and health issues while you are traveling. It is a definitely good idea to have at least 30% off the overall travel budget put aside as emergency funds more for your Peace of Mind, and less because you might actually have to use it. Carry a little bit of cash for those special circumstances where cards, or mobile phone payment application avenues are not accepted.

Pack for Spring

When packing the luggage on your motorcycle, back according to the temperature that you anticipate in the Philippines during the spring. There is no point in carrying thick and bulky one clothes because the temperature in the Philippines during the spring is quite warm compared to other countries closer to the Arctic regions. Considering the comparatively higher temperature, the jacket should accommodate for the fact that the ambient air temperature might cause you to start sweating especially after midday – so choose the riding jacket accordingly.

Stay Prepared for Spring Health Problems

Spring is also the time for several health problems. The most common of them is hay fever, and runny nose which is quite normal especially given the change in temperature from winter to spring. Also, spring is also the time when nature starts to bloom again and there will definitely be pollen in the air - and if you are allergic to that, be prepared with the necessary medication. Talk to your health service provider and find out what vaccinations you should take before arriving at the Philippines. Considering the latest pandemic, you might also have to find it reports of your health condition while entering or leaving the international borders. Find out more about that and there are country’s travel advisory forums.

Staying Hydrated Is Just as Important

Becoming dehydrated in the middle of your ride is definitely not fun! During the winters, you might get away with drinking less water, but in the spring the temperature starts to increase after midday and that can lead to sweating especially if you're not used to the tropical weather. Stay hydrated by carrying enough portable water in a water flask on your motorcycle or purchase bottled water whenever you get the opportunity. You might also look at the option of drinking electrolytes to keep your energy levels high during the day. Sip small amounts of water otherwise you will find yourself looking for a bathroom break very frequently!

Take Regular Breaks

Many new riders to the Philippines often focus too much on having fun and listen less to but their bodies are telling them. If you start experiencing cramps and pain in your body come up take a break of 15 to 20 minutes and stretch your body very gently to feel rejuvenated for the upcoming leg of your journey. This also brings us to the important point of choosing the right motorcycle for long distance touring. If you are in a crouched or very aggressive sporting position - you are going to feel the pain in your wrist and back sooner than if you had chosen an adventure touring motorcycle which is meant to be ridden for several hours comfortably.

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