One of the things that will make your wedding the most memorable ceremony is the speeches. Having the speeches is not just enough but who says what during the wedding is the biggest issue. A lesbian wedding tends to be more about who does what in the wedding party versus whatever the gender based names might suggest. Do not stress too much over what to call the members of your entourage when you and your partner are on a tight schedule of planning the wedding. Just relax because it will come naturally plus remember you already have a lot to worry about. The wedding speeches are in most cases given at the wedding reception in an order where the father’s of the couple come first then the brides/bridegrooms and finally the best man/best woman. Now let’s see how you can come up with a lesbian wedding speech to make your wedding a memorable ceremony.

Who say what during wedding speech ceremony

Usually the best man, best woman or master of the ceremony will call upon the fathers of the couples to propose a toast of health and happiness to the couple. It is during this time that the father will welcome the other family into his and wrap up by saying one or two things about their newly married child. Now it is up to you to consider some fair ways to decide which parent will speak first if the fathers of mothers can’t give their speeches together.

The order of the speeches at the wedding ceremony

After the parents have spoken, now the couple can keep the roll going by picking up with a reply to the parent’s speech. Since this is a lesbian wedding speech, you and your partner will have to decide on how the talking points are divvied but between you two. You should not forget to thank your parents for their love, guidance and care and also for their good wishes for your future. You should also thank all your guests for the gifts they have brought to you. It is also at this time when you should not forget to mention other family members or close friends who couldn’t make it to your ceremony due distance, military service, and illness or any other unavoidable circumstances. The couple should finalize by proposing a toast to the bridesmaid and thank them. If the couple has a gift for the bridesmaid as a token, they can present it at this time before they hand over the program.

Finally, the best man or woman’s duty is to bring it all home. Their speech in most cases is always the fun speech. In this speech, there is always an aspect of complement directed to the bride, the groom, bridesmaid and the wedding attendants. If how and when the bride and the groom met has not been covered then this speech can include that. To lighten up the mood of the lesbian wedding speech, the best man or woman can talk about how the morning of the wedding and getting ready was.

The last thing at the wedding speech

Finally toast to the bride and the groom for their efforts in making the wedding a success.

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