Today I was invited to attend the Success 2013 Conference with Les Brown, Bill Cosby, Larry King and other motivational speakers/success coaches. All the speakers had something meaningful to contribute, but I connected with Les Brown in a profound way.

This was my first time hearing Les Brown do an entire speech. I found him to be captivating, funny and entertaining all while preaching a strong message about the skills necessary to be successful in business and in life. Here are some notes I took on his key points:

Know Your Financial Number

Les says to figure out what the monthly income is that you would like to make and then multiply that times 100! Everyone is capable of doing much more than they believe. This formula was based on his own personal experience and how he was able to achieve so much more than he ever dreamed. For me that would be $1,500,000.00!

Les Brown’s Three Main Keys to Success

Determine what will be your Personal, Financial and Social Contribution. Personal development is key to achieving success in any endeavor. In his speech, Les shared his personal experience of being labeled mentally slow in school and how he developed himself to be prepared for opportunities in order to achieve success.

“Money isn’t everything, but its right up there with oxygen!” I had a really good laugh while learning valuable skills about getting clear on determining my financial goals.

Social contribution is a vital part of building a good and solid life. This truly struck a cord with me. I have been focused on my vision for building a youth organization in Haiti, focusing on education, learning a trade and community building. Empower Network is currently working on a Habitat for Humanity project. This is also something I have always wanted to get involved with.

O.Q.P – Only Quality People

“Some people are so negative, they can walk into a dark room and develop!”

Another funny one liner from Les to keep us in stitches with his warm hearted teaching style. He took a strong stand on the importance of having quality relationships in one’s life.

“Get someone in your life who can see for you what you can’t see.” He also encouraged us to remember that someone’s opinion of you does not determine your future. Follow your dream and do not get held back by the opinions of others.


“People that are hungry, live their greatest life now!”

Les stated over and over again BE HUNGRY! In order to achieve success you have to be really hungry for success. He shared so many stories from his own life, teaching the valuable lessons of how his own hunger for more out of life actually gave wings to his dreams and made them come true.

Personality, Passion & Service

Personality, passion and service is the Les Brown Business Success Model. Be relentless about personal development. Provide more service than you get paid for and give before you ask is the advice we received to attract positive people and circumstances. Be kind in everything you do and kindness will always be returned to you.

To Sum it All Up

Know your financial number. Multiply your income goal by 100.
Determine what will be your Personal, Financial and Social Contribution.
O.Q.P – Only Quality People
Be Hungry!
Provide more service than you get paid for.
Be Kind. Kindness is always returned and appreciated.

Success 2013 Success Conference!

For those who started watching me since my first video, you can see how much my life is turning around. This is my first Success Conference and the first time I heard Les Brown speak!

See my Youtube video: CLICK HERE.

Things that have transpired since I joined Empower Network:

Make Money Online!
Make New Friends!
Professional Blogging!
Video Marketing!
Building a Marketing List!
Email Marketing!
Public Speaking with Toastmasters!
Writing My Life Story! Developing My Second Book!
Committed to Personal Development!
Growing Professionally and Personally!

I’m going to stop right here because, I could probably go on and on. The Empower Network is a powerful and timely self development, work from home business system. I am so grateful that I found Empower at this time in my life. It is because of my exposure to the Empower Network I have become connected to Les Brown!

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