Leo Trader PRO was launched last year in December 2010. This robot ravaged the Forex trading community. Not because of the exaggeration that usually accompanies a forex robot launch by vendors. But for three different things that were introduced at launch.

The first revolutionary thing introduced in the launch of Leo Trader PRO was the concept of Investor Password Access. A password for investor password is something brand new and has never been done before in the forex robotics industry. It gives any investor access to the real live MT4 trading account of a forex robot and see with their own eyes how the robot works since it was installed on that account. You can verify and verify all trade after trade what the seller says about forex robot. This is something unique in the sense that it cannot be counterfeit unlike other tricks that providers use to place fake bank statements on the website. You can log in to the real Leo Trader PRO account and confirm a net profit of 113% per month. Month.

The other revolutionary thing first introduced in this release was the verification of the broker-CEO where the real Leo Trader PRO real account is located. You can listen to the live recording of Mr. Jani Hjerrpe, CEO of FinFX! The CEO of FinFX approves an account of 113% per Month (phone recording)! Now, remember that no one will be willing to risk your reputation by making such a statement if this statement is not 100% verified and true. In the past, salespeople talked about trading multiple accounts, but in this release, this concept was brought to the new level, where the brokerage director put his own reputation at stake and verified the real bank statement. For more information visit this website http://forex.themichaelbai.com/

The third revolutionary thing that happened at this launch was the physical presence of the Leo Trader PRO booth at International Traders Expo Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, from November 17-20, 2010. Something no other vendor will do. Leo Trader PRO was physically available on the stand and you could meet them.

Whatever it is, this forex robot breaks new records by earning 100% net profit. Month in the last months. It has not lost a single operation since its launch. On average, it performs 2 surgeries per day. As always, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee without question. You can try Leo Trader PRO FREE RISK for 60 days in your demo account.

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Whatever it is, this forex robot breaks new records by earning 100% net profit.