Leno mesh bags are the ideal solution to bag your products and highlight all their beauty and freshness. The Leno mesh bag allows you to better appreciate the qualities of the product thanks to its larger mesh. This type of bag can be supplied in a wide range of sizes, colors, and variants.

Are you looking for leno mesh bags in Indonesia? We are the best leno mesh bag manufacturer and a wide range of bulk mesh bags available you must click here to check this on our website. It is used for the packaging of onion, potato, garlic, etc. They are light and resistant bags that allow the product to aerate.

The bag can be personalized as an option by applying a personalized central strip printed in up to a few colors with the customer's brand. The thread and the polyethylene strip used to sew the opening of the bag are sold separately.

Leno mesh bags are light, easy to handle, and strong. They are mainly used in agriculture. Some examples of use: packaging of potatoes, onions, bulbs, leeks, and various vegetables. They are also used for conditioning wood.

We specialize in manufacturing highly accurate leno mesh bags. We offer a wide range of leno mesh bags using fruits and vegetables, available in attractive colors to meet the exact needs of our desired customers. We manufacture an open woven polypropylene fabric coated Leno bag especially for products packaged in a bag with better air circulation.

Leno mesh bags are durable and can pack fruits and vegetables in bulk. We ensure the quality of Leno mesh bags that they have adequate ventilation to keep the vegetables and fruits inside fresh for a long time. We also offer customization to a wide range of Leno mesh bags according to our customers ’requirements.

Leno mesh bags can be extensively utilized for packing various agricultural products such as onion, garlic, potato, carrot, ginger, orange, pineapple, corn, cabbage, peanuts, pecans, and firewood, etc. and the holes in the bag allow the product to breathe and get enough sunlight.

You can see the products inside the bag without opening them. Due to their low weights and cost-effective nature, our mesh bags prove to be an excellent packaging option for other materials. These Leno mesh bags can be made with or without a drawstring. The cord is made of flat braided tape.

We always focus on the special needs of our customers and offer quality products. In addition to this, we offer timely Leno mesh bags with several different sized bags in different fabric colors according to your requirement.

Leno mesh bags are well suited for transport and can be packed in automatic filling machines. With proper ventilation, these bags ensure that their contents, such as vegetables and fruits, stay fresh for longer. The net structure of online bags allows consumers to visually inspect the quality of the content without having to open the bag themselves.

Demand for mesh bags has increased relative to the demand for fresh food. The increase in the use of net bags in shrimp and shellfish storage offers opportunities for growth in the net bag market in the seafood segment. Grocery stores and hypermarkets are starting to use leno mesh bags because they allow photosynthesis and respiration control of fruits and vegetables.

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Leno mesh bags for packaging your onions, nuts, shellfish, citrus, or firewood. They are also great for a variety of other storage needs..