Like any other kitchen appliances used for so many multipurpose citrus fruit juicer is also very essential for squeezing out the juice from the lemon.

While selecting a citrus juicer is not that difficult unless you know how to squeeze maximum juice from the lemon in less time and most comfortable way.

So I’m here to let you know which Types of Citrus Juicers can help you in kitchen more conveniently and within no time you can fill your bowl with the juice.
First of all, you have to see your pocket that how much you want to spend, if you want to go with the least amount then I suggest you to opt for simple reamer. A simple reamer works inside out and is cone shaped with a handle.

Lemon Juice Recipe

What you have to do is, cut a lemon into half and push the reamer into the Centre of the lemon to force the juice out of it. One of the drawbacks I use to feel while filling the bowl of lemon juice was that my hands use to get tired with the reamer. So one need to have strong hands
Whenever you go to shop for the citrus juicer see its durability and it should be user friendly and most importantly check out the storage feature. It must take less space. The handle should not hurt your hands while using it.

Another type is citrus press juicer the one that I personally like. It has a better design and more convenient to use. The designers have designed it according to the customer’s convenience by hinging to handles together and in the Centre you can put the lemon by cutting it into half.

What you have to do is put the half cut lemon into the citrus press juicer and squeeze it by tightening the handles towards each other. Repeat the process again and again according to the quantity of juice you need. Do not put the lemon into the juicer until it is cut into half.

Lemon Juice Recipe

Both the citrus juicers are available online or departmental stores. These are available in wooden, plastic and stainless steel. Do not buy the plastic one unless or until you have less budget or it will not be used frequently by you in the kitchen as it has more breakage. So it is better to go with wooden or steel.

These are the best ways of squeezing fresh juice any time of the day without wasting your precious time. By simply cutting the citrus fruit into the half and putting it on the juicer can extract juice from it.

It just has to twist the lemon on the reamer to get the result and in press juicer you have to press the handles to get the juice out of the lemon.

So choose the best for yourself by signing online where you can have multiple options but keep in mind that if in case you didn’t like it, the company should give money back offer. Try to keep these in mind before you go to spend your hard earned money.


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