The detox diet with lemon juice is one of the most famous and popular, since everyone heard of the renowned modeling fasting with water and lemon. Because of so many accidents that happened in the fashion world with too many under weighted women that starved themselves to death ignoring all dieting rules, the lemon detox diet is somewhat frown upon.

One of the most important rules you should keep in mind when starting a detox program is to understand what you are doing and how your actions influence your body. For example, you should know what happens in your body when you deprive it temporarily of food. The organism tries to reduce its functions to a minimum and begins to use its own deposits of energy in order to survive. It is important to know that usually, in the first days of fasting your body eliminates its excess water and then fat and muscle mass. If it does not receive an intake of amino acids, it cannot build new protein and your muscle mass will decrease. Also, when dissolving fat, the toxins that are stocked there will enter your blood stream and, until the moment of excretion, will make your life a living hell. These side effects are the ones responsible for most detox failures.

If your fasting is a very basic one, with just carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, like a lemon detox diet provides, it is important that you don’t keep it very long, mainly because you don’t get all your needed nutrients from it. You don’t want to deplete your system and decrease your health levels, since your main goal is to let your digestive system take a break for a few days.

There are many variants for the lemon detox diet, but the easiest and safest of them all is a five – seven days of drinking only water and lemon juice spiced water. The spices that I recommend are cayenne pepper or ginger. They are natural and known to accelerate metabolism. They also improve the taste of your lemon water, giving it a rich flavor. You can also add some natural maple syrup, but do not exaggerate.

Remember that the base ingredient of this diet is water, because it is not made to feed you. After keeping this up for several days you can introduce some vegetable and fruit juices, much more concentrated and rich in nutrients. With a large variety of those you can continue your fasting without being concern of losing anything but excessive weight.

After finishing your liquid fasting you will get used again with solid food. Some advice on that in my article “What to Eat After a Detox Diet”.

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