Television is a common source of entertainment and gives you the bliss of having a gala time with your family. If it suffers some damage and malfunctions, then repairing it upfront must be a dire requirement!

People trying to take LED TV repair as a DIY can do more harm than good. But if you can identify the root cause of the problem before the professionals doing LED TV repair in Howrah arrive, you have made things much simpler for them!

LED TV develops horizontal lines:

Another common problem which the LED TV repairs service providers of Kolkata deal with is the horizontal lines that hamper the picture quality! Pretty often, low signal strength among the set-top box cable is the main culprit of this issue. Older set-top boxes require low power inputs, but high power demand is standard if you have recently upgraded them.

LED TV screen turns blank:

Won’t it be unpleasant to see your LED TV screen turn blank in the middle of your favourite show? Quite often, certain situations arise due to incompatibility issues and must be dealt with via the professional LED TV repairs experts of Howrah. The LED TV semiconductor might collapse if the system receives more or less current than what it requires.

Handling the semiconductor diode boob tube or fixing the current requirements requires professional handling. Hence, it is advisable to summon a well-trained and certified TV repair expert to perform quick and hassle-free repairs.

LED TV does not emit any sound:

What joy will one get in watching TV if it does not have any sound? Here is how the experts performing LED TV repair service in Kolkata troubleshoot this problem! First, you must disconnect the LED TV from the Ac power source and press and hold the touch button of the TV for at least 10–15 seconds. Now re-connect the TV and press the power button once.

Additionally, you must check the working of the speakers by connecting them with your mobile phone! But if the speakers are working well, then the fault lies in your TV set.

Pro tip: Never connect your TV with an IC power source as it tends to heat up and collapse pretty often!

LED TV fails to connect with the Internet or WiFi:

The professionals working in the reputed LED TV repairs center in Howrah suggest brilliant hacks in troubleshooting the connectivity errors. The first thing is to find whether the problem or fault is within the TV or the router. At times the TV is working perfectly fine, and it is the router that is malfunctioning.

But if the router is connecting well to other devices, you must summon professional repair experts at once!

The bottom line: There is no shadow in the truth that TV sets still hold an integral place in our houses and a minor inconvenience in their working leads to unrest! We are hell-bent on getting it repaired as soon as possible, and this is where we make mistakes! Always handle the situation patiently and recruit only licensed and well-trained TV repair professionals. They will offer you guaranteed repairs in a speedy and hassle-free manner.

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