The advancements in technology have changed how we interact with each other for various purposes. While personal communications have been made sophisticated with phones of all kinds, the sector of mass communication is where most of the real action is. To reach out to a lot of people, the simplest way is through signs. They are large, attractive and hard to miss if placed correctly.

Shining Bright When the World Is Asleep: Illuminated signs are sure shot attention grabbers and are often used to provide traffic directions, mark the roads, sign boards on buildings and the like. These signs are cost effective in that they are mostly designed with materials like phosphorus that fluoresce. These signs glow in the dark and are the ideal choice for outdoor signage.

Shining Shining All the Time: If however signs are needed to glow even during the day as a means to attract attention, like in traffic signals, electronic signs must be used. These aren’t as cost effective as the phosphorus signs are but serve the purpose well. For large scale communication or display, electronic signs are the preferred media because they can be used indoors and outdoors with the same efficiency. An added advantage is that these signs can draw attention to written messages more effectively.

In the modern day, miniaturization is the key word. There are tiny bulbs like contraptions called LEDs that light up even at very low voltages. These are one of the most important inventions of the semiconductor industry. LED signs are finding extensive use in the industry because they’re environment friendly and use power judiciously. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes and can be used to create pretty interesting patterns and designs to advertise a product or simply to flash a message.

Better Than Ever : A step beyond is the LED display which owes its invention to the LED signs. This display is essentially a 2 or higher dimensional sign and can flash pictures and animations. These present crisp pictures and are the more recent developments in displays. They’re favoured for news flashes, animated advertising, conveying messages for social welfare and the like. They are manufactured almost around the world and loved everywhere regardless. Their reach is the most indiscriminate and this makes them an effective advertising tool.

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