I’m gonna simply ask you a question, what will you choose? One, Doing that work which pays you a high amount of money at every month, But you are not passionate about that work. Second, Doing the work that you are passionate about, But this let you less amount as you desired. If you prefer for the second option then this article is for you.
Here I’m sharing my experience from the early stages of career and my personal reasons for leaving high paying job, and start doing the things which i passionate about.

Money vs Passion
High paying job gives me a good amount of money, that makes me happy at only one day and that is My payday. While the work which I passionate about making me feel alive each day. Doing your favorite work give you a feeling like you are truly living our own dream. I have a choice between high paying job vs happiness in my 20s, and i choose happiness, my passion because i want to do things with full interest & passion, rather than forcing myself.

Change job for Learning perspective
High paying job gives me zero time to learn something new from work or outside the workplace. Because that work won’t let me have enough time for my own self. A work for which I passionate about is keeping me providing me an opportunity to learn from it. Even my mind suggest more and more creative ideas to do things better. I have a solid answer for them who ask me why change jobs too often, because i want to learn more.

To acquire Potential Skills
High paying job won’t let me see the future clearly, because it only shows me money. But I forget that there is something worth more than money. When I was in a high paying job, I felt like that this work will not help me in my future or even not efficient to improve my self. While the work which I passionate about keep feeling me alive and always show me a better future awaits.

Doing, But don't know why??
When I was in that High paying job, I was be like what I’m supposed to do with life. And always think about leaving it anyhow, I had no idea where I was going. I thought I only work for the sake of reaching a Payday anyhow. But from when I have done my own work, I realized that this is what I missed in my early 20s. This feeling of doing a work I require to give my hundred percent.

Meaningful Career
High paying job makes you go mean for your own need for the money. While passion never let you miserable from your own self. A passion always keeps your inside child alive and never let to get bored. A passion adds value to yourself and your life along with it, it also delivers a Proper meaning to life. It gives you a reason to live your life fully.

Money is not everything to me
At the initial stage of the career, I decided to not only focus on the money. But aiming to find that which I’m curious to do. A high paying job undoubtedly gives me good money and support to my dream life. But when I think about the actual picture, I came to know that there is a more important thing in life that only money. Instead of chasing money I have to adopt an approach to follow my own heart.

To Find which work i'm good at
When I was in my well paying job, I put my every efforts to achieve the company’s targets. Later On, I realized that ultimately this all hard work I put for the company’s benefits who keep me happy with that few amounts. If I gonna put all this all efforts to the work which I passionate about than it really makes a sense. So instead of working for money, I prefer to making career change and also to work for a passion.

Change because i want to improve myself
Whatever you do in your career, every one of us focuses on the self-improvements. We don’t want to stick to the same situation with the same rewards. A High paying job adds no any more value to my life neither it helps me to improve myself, which I needed the most. As a career starter, I want to explore more opportunities and meeting with the new peoples and learn from them. But that I found in the work which I'm passionate about not in the high paying job.

That negatively impact on Personality
A High paying job makes me more conscious about the work than to my own self. A conscious for the company’s targets, customer’s complaints, the worry of the paycheck, etc. Ultimately I’m gonna felt that a paycheck is an amount that I received due to handling all the hassles of the company’s.

That work pressure put me in negative situation ,affect my personality and behavior adversely. Then after, I decided to find a work, which I want to do. Mean to say I just can’t force myself to do the work which I don’t want to do.

Find Career Calling
When I found the work which I passionate about I decided to quit the job. It's my career calling, my path. Finally, I left that work which gives me a high salary just to forget about my own life goals, my own life, my own family and my own time.

The work which I’m doing is completely suited to myself, I don’t have to force myself every morning to wake up and go to work. But now, the thought of doing my favorite work in mind makes me jump out of the bed each morning.

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Ketan,(20s) writes about life lessons. His blog- monk at 25, is about learnings, motivation , career tips and relationship. Based on his personal experiences and thinking.