text-decoration-style: initial; text-decoration-color: initial;'>The OLPR leather goods store is your one destination for elegant, hand-crafted leather items of several varieties. We take pride in the superior quality, elegant design, and high functionality of our leather products, desired by customers all over the United States.

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Leather Goods Store

All our leather products are fashioned out of full-grain leather skins, which come naturally tanned, complete with an aniline finish. Irrespective of the type of leather skin you select, you can rest assured of impressive quality. You get a product made with the most natural-looking leather skin, without any surface pigment or coating. You can even get a leather skin that matches your mood. All our products are made in the USA, at our workshop in North Carolina. Most of our products are ready in 2 business days, though some products, like bags and backpacks, might take a longer period. What matters most is that our leather goods are products of brilliance and fine craftsmanship.

Flowers in Chania

Our leather products are functional, durable, and multi-purpose. Whether you need unique leather straps for your Apple smartwatch or you want a functional yet sophisticated bag to carry on business trips, OLPR is available to meet your needs. With the kind of quality leather finish with which our products are made, they require minimal care. The skins are sturdy and are quite resistant to easy scratches and marks from daily use. A simple wipe with a dry cloth is enough to clean your leather journal or phone case.

The leather skin finishes we have available include Crazy Horse, Horween Dublin, Horween Chromexcel, or Shell Cordovan. All four are available in different colors. Our wide selection of goods includes leather items of various fashionable designs. More so, if you want something different from what is in our catalog, you can contact us for bespoke designs: hand-crafted leather items made uniquely for you or for a loved one. Personalized designs come with your complete control of which monogram, embossment, or engraving you want on the leather item and how you want it styled. A made to order leather wallet or bag is a great gift idea for any season. 


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