There is a famous saying that nothing comes for free in the world, only nothing comes from nothing and so is true in case of the lease transfer. Whatever the commodity, whenever the lease is transferred or extended, certain charges do apply. These charges maybe termed as Lease transfer charges. The question is, how much people pay per lease transfer ? Actually, they pay as per their areas, manufacturers and models of vehicle.

The charges depend upon the manufacturer, model, make, etc. It is a one-time fee that has to be paid by the owner at the time of purchase of the vehicle. Nonetheless, the fee is not specified or fixed by any quarter concerned. It is up to the manufacturer how much he demands as Lease transfer fee in addition to the tax levied by the government under this head. But, it is not just one-sided fixed price which means that the buyer has a right to negotiate the lease transfer fee at the time of purchase. Once the fee is the agreed-upon lease transfer fee is paid, the transfer of lease contract gets complete and you are the officially rightful owner of the vehicle.

Now you can enjoy the smooth drive of your new car with peace of mind. Again, the point needs to be reinforced that the lease transfer fee is not specified by the government or any agency concerned with the matter. It is purely up to the negotiation skills of the buyer. The more convincing bargaining, the lesser the lease transfer fee. So be smart to save some of your hard-earned money by entering into wise negotiation while finalizing the lease transfer fee for your vehicle. The lease seller, however, does not possess the right to charge the buyer any form of administrative costs/taxes and/or down payments that were incurred when the lease was started.

The following are some of the makes available in the Canadian market and their reference lease transfer fee. The fees are exclusive of government taxes in this regard. Again it’s just a reference list subject to verification according to the actual fee. As per the cautious market analysis, an average lease transfer fee hovers around CAD 600. It means you shouldn’t pay too much away from that mark while finalizing the lease transfer deal for your new car. Besides, there is a chance that the lease transfer fee could be different for different makes in different parts/provinces of Canada.

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