We are not exempt from hurting, resentments, and some other negative emotions. Some of us have been broken-hearted, been burned and jaded.

Sometimes, we've been into the pits of despair that we become so numb to the pain that we can no longer cry. The question now is, how does one start the journey of letting go?

Is it as simple as saying, "I release and free myself from this feeling..." Or, "I free myself from this bondage of pain and hurt..." And not ever feeling it or even thinking about it again? Well, the art of letting go is a process and it's not that simple.

Fortunately, here are 2 of the techniques I know which could be effective in speeding up the process of letting go and you can give it a try. Sometimes, our feelings need some symbolic interpretations for the healing to be effective and helpful.

1) Crayola's Window Crayons. Try writing on mirrors, glasses or windows and watch it erases it easily. It's really handy when you go to the shower and write away whatever you want to let go of your feelings with.

My friend tried it once when she was so heartbroken. She brought it along in the shower and after she rinses her body, she also wiped whatever it is left on the tiles and mirrors. But sometimes, the water washed most of the writings already, and it only takes a little effort to scrub it off so it disappears. See the dirt and the negative feelings go down the drain when you wash away.

2) Writing a letter and burning it. Yes, write those negative emotions away and burn that paper! Try it because it always works.

It's such a great satisfaction seeing your paper with those words burning into ashes. Visualize the smoke carrying it away into the flames of oblivion and nothingness. Another smashing alternative to end it is discarding the ashes in the toilet and flush those bad vibes away.

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