In the modern world where learning needs to be fast pace, learning management system has become preferred choice of many business functions. In this system, employees are trained by the e-learning process, which is quick and interesting. There are different modes of providing e-learning, out of which, Instructor Led Training, Game Based Learning and Mobile Learning are the popular ones. The conventional modes of learning has thus a taken a back step with the evolution of the revolutionary learning management software.

In this competitive world, it is important that employees are at par with all the changes happening in the business they are involved in. With learning management system installed in one’s organization, the learning process becomes more interesting and fun. Moreover, installation and setting up of this software is quite expensive, owing to which, many of the smaller firms think that this software is beyond their reach. To their relief there is a service (SaaS) model, which is used in this kind of case. By availing these services the organizations get the benefit of paying in installments, which won’t be a burden for them.

Learning management system increases the effectiveness of learning with visual aids and games involved in the process. The cost incurred during the training session is also reduced as there is no printing cost included. This learning management system manages all the things associated with the learning process starting from training module to feedback collection. One can get their sheets evaluated and analyzed in a hassle free manner, which is an add-on to the effectiveness of the process. Therefore the complex process of training sessions are simplified and made better for the business organizations.

In addition to the online learning process, users can also get the offline learning platform in which learning module can be accessed even if there is no internet connectivity. One can easily download the offline training material, which is easily readable and also has an online viewing option. With these number of advantages associated with the system, more and more organizations are seeking LMS.

Individuals can also use the social tool for the learning process, which is called Wizdom social. Noted social networking site called Facebook is used by the service providers to make the learning process more interactive. This application can also work well with other networking sites like Linked-In. With the unique tracking feature associated with Wizdom Social all the information related to the training module is maintained. Satisfied individuals can refer this training module to friends as well. Therefore with LMS individuals can enjoy dual benefit of socializing and learning at the same time.

These e-learning training modules find application in banking, financial service industry, education & retail training centers and life sciences. In addition to this, these modules efficiently cater to the requirements of different departments like human resources, sales and marketing, customer support and product development. Specifically designed for all these departments, this training module helps in over all development of the employees. Various e-learning module developers have widened the scope of learning with Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT) and Instructor Lead Training (ILT).

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes Learning Management System,LMS and other Learning & Development matters.