I don’t entirely agree when people say that experience is the best teacher. For me, other people’s experience is the best teacher. My dad was part of the first generation in the family to be interested in boating. Each summer and every holiday that we can, he would take our family to go fishing and enjoy water activities by the lake. Why bother to go through all the mistakes my father did with his boat when I can learn from them?
I have learned from my dad that boat maintenance is very important to keep make its service life longer. His boat did not last as long as it should. For most of the year and through winter, boats are mostly in storage. They should still be maintained regularly in spite of this. I learned through the years that there is a variety of tasks that need to be done to keep boats in top shape.
I was able to acquire my pre-owned boat through a loan provided by a bad credit lender. At that time, it was very hard to get approved for a loan in the bank. Bad credit lenders provide great deals and fair interest rates which made their offer unbeatable. Having a pre-owned boat enabled me to get a better deal than a brand new boat. It was only used for a couple of months by its previous owner. The care and maintenance I invested have made it still seem brand new in its look and performance.
I always made sure that my boat was scrubbed squeaky clean after every use and regularly when in storage. The same care required by your car’s paint should be extended to your boat’s finish. Doing this protects it from all outside elements. Wax should be applied at least twice a year. Bear in mind that it will be most prone to scratches when docking so exercise utmost caution and care when doing so.
Just like with my car, I always check the fluid levels in the engine. Boats may have different types of batteries, each requiring unique care and maintenance. Always ensure that batteries are charged properly. I can remember the time when my dad’s boat’s batteries died on him when he was in the middle of the lake. I swore that will never happen to me.
All the care and maintenance can add years to your boat. However there will come a time when stretching its service life can already be dangerous. When it’s time to dock your boat for good, do so. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a sinking boat. Anyway, you can always get funding for a brand new boat from your local bad credit lender. Manufacturers provide estimates on how long boats should be in service and we should always follow that. You will be glad that by the time that you would want to acquire a new boat, there will be newer and more sophisticated models that can outperform your previous boat. And don’t forget that:
Learning from the experiences of others in boating is the best teacher
 Boats’ service life can be extended with the right care and maintenance
 The finish protects it against the elements
 You can get awesome deals on boat loans through bad credit lenders
 You have to replace your boat when it is already time

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