Are you like a butterfly? Starting one task and then before it is completed you are flying off to start another task? Is your mind buzzing with new ideas and projects? Yet, you have a pile of unfinished projects?

We all the love the feeling we get when we get a new idea or inspiration. However, when was the last time you felt satisfaction in bringing a project to fruition? My five tips below will provide you the feeling of satisfaction of bringing a project to fruition.

1. Know Yourself. What time of day do you perform at your best? Are you a morning person? Are you a night owl? When you know when you perform at your best or are most creative you will be able to plan your schedule accordingly to use your most precious resource wisely; YOU!

2. Examine Your Environment. Who is sabotaging your efforts? Is it you? Is it fear? Is it your belief system? Is it family, friends, coworkers, or the office mascot? You must identify who is sabotaging your efforts and why. Do you not like working on the project? What does completing the project symbolize? Do your family and friends not respect your boundaries? Do family and friends not realize you are busy working? Let them know your office hours and ask them to respect your office hours and the need to get your project completed. Examine your belief system. Do you feel you are not supposed to be successful? Do you feel guilty charging customers and clients because you are doing what you love? Do you fear success? Take time to examine your environment and identify who is sabotaging your success.

3. Focus. Designate a time to complete or work on the project. Set an appointment with yourself if you must. Put the project in your day planner. Turn off all distractions before you begin your project. This can be the television, radio, cell phone, or telephone. You may want to post a note on your front door or office door that says “In Conference – Do NOT Disturb”.

4. Time Your Self. Just as a lawyer, doctor, dentist or other professional allows a certain amount of time for an appointment you need to do that also. Estimate how long the project or task will take or how long you will work on it during your allotted time. Set a timer and see how much you accomplish before the timer buzzes. After the timer goes off reward yourself with a small break. This will also clear your mind and eliminate tension in your body. If the task is not completed, schedule in your day planner another appointment for working on the project. This will ensure you do not get burned out or forget to return to the task or project.

5. Reward Your Self. It is hard work being the boss or being a solopreneur. There is no one around to give you a pat on the back or say “Great Job”. You need to recognize your accomplishments and reward yourself. The reward does not have to cost a lot of money. It may be as simple as taking a walk around the block to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It may be going to lunch with friends or buying yourself some fresh flowers for your office. Record your accomplishments in a journal so that you can self reflect at a later date and time. Use positive self-talk to remind yourself how great you truly are.

You are your most precious resource. You must respect and honor your time. You must finish your projects or eliminate the ones that no longer bring you joy. Eliminating the clutter and having a plan will ensure that you are more productive. When you enlist my five tips, you will no longer be the social butterfly. You will be the respected and profit earning head of your business or organization. You will feel satisfaction that you have completed a project and you will ready to focus on your next moneymaking idea.

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STOP TALKING AND START DOING! Coach Jaynine is a business coach who gets people to take action. She will get you to move from talking about what you want to do- to doing what you want to do. Jaynine has over 20 years experience as a United States Marine, psychotherapist, and business owner. If you are ready to take action, increase your revenue and take your business to the next level contact Jaynine today at or 910-539-2810.