There’s often discussion of whether an aura is real. In order to answer this question you must turn to science and the belief that humans emit energy from their bodies. That’s all an aura is, the visual appearance of the energy that flows from a person. You not only can learn to read another’s aura, you also can control drains to your own by understanding its existence and knowing how to control it.

Once you learn to read the auras correctly, you’ll be able to find additional information about the people around you and new acquaintances. Most mothers know when their children are ill, sometimes even before the child demonstrates the illness. Subconsciously they read the child’s aura and know when there’s a problem. If you’ve ever gotten an uncomfortable feeling when you first meet someone, you may be subconsciously reading his aura. Some people steal energy from your aura and you know them when you feel tired or exhausted after spending a few minutes around the person.

Learning to read auras is a skill everyone possesses but only a few develop. Just like many of the primitive skills to sense danger, reading an aura was a skill dropped from existence when man developed verbal skills. Medicine men and healers often use the skill without knowing and as if by magic, detect illnesses and potential health hazards as if by magic. There is no magic involved. They see the problem, sometimes intuitively and don’t recognize what they’re doing, other times intentionally knowing exactly what they’re seeing. A Kirlian photographer puts a sheet of film on a metal plate, the discharge film plate. Then he places the object to be photographed is placed on top. It might be an inanimate object or a person’s hand. After the plate receives high voltage, the Kirlian photographer develops the film and you see the person’s aura.

You don’t need to have this special equipment or even the person’s permission to see their aura. You have the ability to see it easily with the right training. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, you don’t need to force your eyes to see it, but rather relax into the vision and use the talents you already possess. Learning the technique is not difficult if you know the right steps to take. With that knowledge and a little practice, you’ll be able to read other’s auras and have a better idea of their personality, health and credibility.

The benefits are many. You’ll find that you soon notice oddities, such as your energy going into another’s aura. These people are energy suckers. You know them. They’re the people that you meet, talk to for a few minutes and then feel drained. There are simple ways to stop the flow of your energy. You simply close your aura. You do this by crossing your legs at the ankles and touching your finger tips together to form a closed circuit. While this is one simple benefit, there are many others benefits to aid you in living better when you learn to read other’s auras. It, like other skills, helps you maneuver through the quagmire of human existence with the tools you already possess but often fail to use.

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