I am a mother of five and have chosen to home school my children. That means all day everyday I am the one responsible for molding them into intellectuals. It’s either harder or easier than you think. If you’ve been there, you know just what I mean.

A task that I find myself personal intrigued by is the completion of projects. I am always assigning little projects to my kids to help well round their brains. Right now they are learning through books and have to go in to take tests. I still consider myself their teacher. I will read their lessons aloud and help them with questions and assignments. I also hand out my own school duties for them to complete. Last week we were on the topic of energy and I thought it would be great to give them a visual to learn from. I started researching for ideas and stumbled upon solar energy kits. It turns out you can make your own energy at home. We then did a study on the topic and started shopping for our kit supplies. There are endless benefits from using solar energy. After we were full on knowledge and had everything we needed, we started building our kit. This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my home schooling days. If you home school your children as well please check out building solar energy kits. There are entire lists of sites and videos just waiting to meet you.



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Gives you input on solar energy projects.