Well folks, what I can tell you is that you are in for SUCH a treat this week! I've recently been back in touch with some high school friends through Facebook (of course). One friend, Keith Cendrick, CLEARLY has a special daughter named Rachel. This dynamite 12 year old, as you are about to witness, has not only a heart of gold but a global vision that we all should take note of in our lives. I am so proud to know that the future leaders of our country are young women like Rachel. Her message inspired me to the greatest degree and is completely aligned with the Heart is Hot purpose to pay love forward....one heart at a time.

We are reminded by Rachel that the simplest gesture of love can have the greatest impact on the life of another.

"Pass It On" by Rachel Cendrick

I was walking along when I noticed a girl who no one seemed to see.
She was alone, and I was with friends when she shyly looked up at me.

Her shoulders were drooping, and her eyes looked sad;
So I stopped to talk to her, even though I never had.

I told her she looked pretty and gave her a hug,
And a small sweet smile appeared as she shrugged.

She looked down at the floor and slowly walked away.
I guess she didn't know what to say.

Later that day, I saw her again,
And I held the door to be a nice friend.
She smiled even bigger this time than before
And said very happily, "Thanks for holding the door!"

The next day at school when I saw her walk by,
She walked a little taller and wasn't so shy.

She waited for me at the door to our class.
"How's your day?" she quietly asked.

Her hair was curled cute, and she had pulled it up high.
"Come find me," I said, "when we go play outside."

At recess that day we played with my friends,
And for the first time she felt like she finally fit in.

A new girl came to school the very next day,
And my shy friend did something that blew me away.

She went up to the new girl with a hug and a smile.
"Welcome to school. You can hang with me for a while."

One act of kindness day by day
Slowly changes the world in a special way.

If you show love to someone, then they can show love, too.
Because everyone should feel loved-- no matter who!

Superheroes are great; they're fun to pretend.
But to be a real hero, just be a friend!

Although Rachel is currently in the 7th grade, she wrote this poem as a 6th grader at her elementary school where she was an "A" honor roll student as well as student body president. Rachel loves singing, dancing, acting and playing the piano. Her favorite roll was as the "The Cat in the Hat" in Seussical the Musical where she was able to do all 4 of her favorite activities! Rachel is also involved at her church where she often speaks to kids and adults about her life-changing experiences on the youth's mission trip. Rachel loves time with her family, playing games, going on trips and just "chilling" at home.

With Love,


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