Handicapping horses in horse racing is no child’s affair. If roulette and black jack were casino hotshot favorites, handicapping is a field favorite requiring plenty of study and analysis and not just a lucky streak. Well however enticing it may seem, earning a profitable return in handicapping doesn’t sport a high probability and happens only to those who have spent hours of research in the deep mathematical equations of possibilities, combinations, past performances, current odds and destiny. What is important is the perception of winning or losing in a way that improves the next line of bets.

When the bettors place bets during real horse races, its real money being lost and earned, so the profit is real and as realistic are the losses. And keeping in mind that many if not all result in a loss, and if the judgement is not improved upon, the losses may seem recurrent. There are plenty of permutations and combinations of winners leading to varied choices of placing bets, the most common ones being a straight bet, daily doubles, trifectas and superfectas. From a dollar to millions, super strikes are pretty rare and usually fit for the pockets of the rich and opulent.

But before placing any sort of bet on any category, what the bettors must keep in mind is a long term plan for their bankroll with proper money management projections so they are well cushioned for occasional financial setbacks and losses before placing a determined wager.

Let’s have a quick run through the various bets you can choose from.

Typically first come first serve sorts, the winners bet, predict the winner bet is a simple and straight bet where the probable winner for a race gets predicted and if won, the gains are all yours. Next in line are the Place and Show bets. The top two finishers of a race get paid the place money while the top three share the show wagers. Its only post parade that most money enter the wagering pools, as a result of this the final payoff is declared accurately only later.

The daily doubles, trifectas and superfectas fall under the criteria of exotic bets. While daily doubles requires the players to predict winners for two consecutive races, the trifecta requires a prediction for the first three in the correct order or their placing, and superfecta is a first four placings’ prediction. As the number of predictions increase, it lowers the probability of win for the bettors.

Handicapping in the virtual world saves the players from the real losses keeping the wins real. Various horse racing handicapping tournaments continue to happen in the Horse Race Fantasy world with all race horses and the races simulated in high-end 3D gaming technology and accuracy attained after years of research of the behavioural patterns of each horse, the weather conditions and their effect on the tracks, the stamina of the horses depending upon the speed thrust and many more scenarios that in some way affect the race results.

Bet your horses with other players online on the racing communities, learn as you play and who knows, your wins may earn you an exotic real grand stand race too someday! So start pooling in and enjoy a safe and profitable handicapping.

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