“Learn to StressBust Anxiety or Lose 20-Years of Life.”
• 1. “What did you say again, about the Mind and Matter.”

• 2. “Oh yeah, “It’s Mind-Over-Matter, but if you don’t have any Mind – Nothing much matters.”

• 3. “Is that about left-brain, right-brain thinking?”

• 4. “Not. It’s about the thing that kills about 80% of Americans. It’s called Chronic Stress which initiates Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer, the Big Three.”

• 5. “You made that up.”

• 6. “Credibility is the American Medical Association. It goes back to Professor Hans Seyle, who did the original research on Stress. Google him.

• If you don’t have a Mindset and strategy to overcome Chronic Stress, you’ll cash-in your chips 20-years before your time.”

• 7. “Sorry, Chronic Stress doesn’t convey anything to me, do you mean plain old worry?”

• 8. “OK, let’s call it Stress on steroids. It covers Anxiety, Angst, Panic Attacks, Fear of Change, and Worry that stops you from doing.”

• 9. “Only Senior Citizens have this stress?”

• 10. “I asked that question of high school students in a SpeedReading101 class on Long Island. They laughed at me. They “feel” serious stress because of class exams, SATs, grades, and fear of falling behind. Parents dish it out 24/7.”

• 11. “Now I got it. Stress is constant ‘worry’ that controls YOU, awake and asleep, right?”

• 12. “On-the-dinero. It stops you from a quality sleep, and you lose self-esteem and confidence when awake. You can be a “Brainiac” and suffer more Stress than the dumb kids.”

• 13. “Sure, they’re afraid they’ll lose their reputation for being brilliant-stars in the next exam or report card. Losers don’t give a damn cause they know they are potheads.”

• 14. “I am going to give you Three secret beliefs that overcome and kill “Worry and Stress” early on. These principles are from my mother’s cousin, Albert Einstein.”

• 25. “Getouttahere!”

• 26. “He put them in a letter and they saved my life once I put them into effect.”

• 27. “I’m listening Pop.”

• 28. “The first point is the critical one, and takes concentration and repetition to become a “habit”. Ready? When life feels overwhelming, threatening, and bleak, go “Internal”. Now ask your mind (Internal Dialogue) this.

• “What the absolute worst thing that can happen (to me) as a result of this situation (circumstance)?”

• 29. “Wait Pop. If I get low grades on the SAT, I’ll become a high school dropout, make no money, and live in a car?”

• 30. “Perfect Stressful thinking. Another would be if Anita

(your girlfriend), broke-up with you. You feel like life is over, right? In business, “going-bankrupt, losing your home, car & wealth”. It’s the “End-of-Your-World”, get it?”
• 31. “Yeah, so what did Cousin Al say to do about it, not to suicide.”

• 32. “Just wait. Number one is asking the Question, “What is the worst possible scenario of what I’m stressed and worrying about?”

• Focus on the Negative, let it roll around in your mind, and become a reality. Dramatize it, “it’s the end of your known world. Let yourself Freak-Out!”

• 33. “You know Pop, you are worse that a Horror movie. You got me feeling b-a-d. I see myself sleeping in-the-park, no family, no friends, no money. Hopelessness.”

• 34. “Number two. Tell yourself – “I am prepared to Accept the worst possible consequences of this thing I’m worrying about.”

• 35. “Why?”

• 36. “Because it is NOT going to Kill You. You will still be able to “See” with your eyes, “hear”, and “touch”. You aint crippled, in the hospital or dying. You can even make yourself S-M-I-L-E at how far you have fallen.”

• You know you’ll find a way to eat and drink every day. You just lost “stuff”, not your mind and body, right?”

• 37. “Yeah, I-still got-me! But everything that matters in my life is gone with the wind. It still hurts-like-hell!”

• 38. “Wait, here comes Cousin Albert’s number three principle. He said, “Now focus on “Improvement”. You lost your riches, tangibles, assets.

• You did Not lose your experience, knowledge, and skills. Nobody took away your Persistence & Determination (“True Grit – No Quit!”). You are resilience, and can bounce back. It’s the “Underdog Principle”, the American way.”

• 39. “I really do feel better already. “I lost everything, but I still have “Me”. I know people who owe me. Others who believe in me. I CAN come back, and learn from my mistakes.”

• 40. “Now here’s the secret-of-secrets. There is NO yesterday, and there is certainly NO tomorrow. All you have in this life is the reality of the Here-And-Now.

• Compartmentalize life into One-Day-At-A-Time. You have a different Life each 24 hours. No past or future. Do your best, and then some, today. And close-the-door on it. If you die in your sleep, you have No Future anyway.”

• 41. “Are you saying don’t do anything to make life better. No, of course not. Just close the book on yesterday. Truth is, we have no guarantee of tomorrow. So forget your Internal Dialogue to solve all of your life problems - NOW.”

• 42. “Kid, Dale Carnegie wrote two-books that can change your world forever. “How to Win Friends & Influence People”, and “How to Stop Worrying And Start Living.” Don’t read them, Learn them. They are on Amazon & cheap.”

• 43. “Got it. You used the word, “Compartmentalize”, does it mean to divide, section-off. Same as ‘Decompartmentalize’?”

• 44. “You got it. Separate into categories or compartments. From Latin. To share, apportion parts. All you own is the Here-And-Now, these 12 waking hours. No past, no future.

• You cannot fix (change) the past, or guarantee the future. So close the door on all but NOW. Why? You follow Cousin Albert’s three principles and you ERASE chronic Stress, tension, anxiety and W-O-R-R-Y.

• 45. “You (and me) can handle anything if you face your worst nightmare, and really accept it as reality. I got one for you. “You’re born NAKED, and go out the same way.”

• 46. “It’s a Mind-Set, and Attitude, a Belief system. Things don’t own us, and we cannot take THINGS with us. Stop Worrying and Start Living. Dale Carnegie L-I-V-E-S!”

• “Tune-in, Turn-on, and Tap-in.” Discover who you really are. Resilient & Resourceful. How you think - creates your reality.
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