Sometimes we fail to recognize the growth opportunities because of pre-conceive notions, self-image and ego levels. I started realizing the same when I come across different experiences.
First experience was with one of the good students of operations specialization, Mr. Rohan (Name Changed). Mr.Rohan is an mechanical engineer and studying in the last semester of MBA. He is always appreciated by the professors for his sincerity and knowledge. Institute offered him summer internship in well-known e-commerce organization which he has successfully completed. Institute invited well known organization in food processing for final placements and Mr.Rohan successfully cleared all round of interviews. However expectation of Mr.Rohan was 5-6 Lakhs annual package. Food processing industry was offering the package of 3.25 Lakhs. Mr.Rohan do not have any experience and have one year gap in his academics due to unavoidable circumstances.
Industry scenario for operations management is different. There are very rare opportunities available in the core operations profiles. High packages are always available in revenue generating profiles such as sales and marketing.
There is always a scope of getting higher package after one or two years of experience as employers till that time might have tested or recognized true potential in the candidate. All colleagues and friends of Mr.Rohan have same feeling that everyone should get the package of 5-6 Lakhs without understanding of market scenario and potential of the candidates in other management institute.
Mr.Rohan was confused regarding acceptance of the offer. He started taking opinions of multiple people at the same time. Parallelly, he was doing one internship with another organization, was busy and not reachable. HR as well as placement cell tried to convince the batch of operations regarding economic slowdown. Other management institute also are facing the problems in getting big packages for the students in core specializations. Till the time Mr. Rohan decides regarding the acceptance of the offer, company withdrawn the offer and selected another candidate. After one months’ time WHO announced global pandemic situation due to COVID-19 and entered economy collapsed in terms of employability.
Ms. Sarika was an average/below average students of operations management who was passed out in 2019. She hardly could understand the statistics and concepts taught in the class. However, she was had realization of the same and she used to share the same with her faculties and placement cell. She was aware that getting a job even in any specialization or any package is great achievement. She gave 5 interviews where she was rejected. She continued the efforts and got counselled herself from placement cell regarding the companies she should target and improvements to be done. With extreme difficulty she got selected in one service sector organization as Operations executive with the package of 2.6 Lakhs. She decided to work hard and learn as much as she can. She started sharing the difficulties with her faculties during her regular work. In 2020 she is Team leader in operations with the package of 4.5 Lakhs. She always gives sincere thanks to her faculties and placement cell for taking her responsibility throughout. Everyone compliments her for the hard work and attitude of learning.
Mr.Rohan is deserving candidate and it is not wrong at all to expect high package. Placements are still on and he may get good opportunity too. However High package should not be only the criteria of success. There are other criteria like nature and growth potential of industry he was entering (Food Processing), Position (Production and Inventory planning) etc.
“We must learn to make best out of what we get in uncertain scenario rather than to wait for the best”

Author's Bio: 

Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali
Assistant Professor
DR V N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies, Thane.