Why the methodology chapter is important?

Dissertations methodology chapter gives you a platform for writing about your research methods. It gives you a chance to write about your approach to the problem, what methods you have used to find the answers to your dissertation question.

There are certain types of research methods. The method you choose solely depends on your environment and your research question. It is very important that the procedure of finding and gathering information should be relevant to your field of study.

What is the purpose of writing this chapter?

The main purpose of this chapter is that you must be able to explain to the reader why you have chosen a particular research procedure for your topic, and how it is relevant to your studies and findings. Furthermore, you will also have to prove that your research is based on reality and is your own original work.

You must mention your resources and references. This gives the reader a chance to verify the content of your writing. This builds a relationship of trust between the author and the audience.

Keep your target audience in mind while writing:

While writing this chapter, you must keep reminding yourself that you are writing this for another reader, therefore, your writing and presentation must be convenient for him. Your content should be easy to read and understand. It should not leave the reader with more doubts. Provide proofs and evidences where necessary, give references, and mention the sources of your information. This increases the credibility of the writer and the reader finds it easier to trust the writer of the extended essay.

The reader must understand the reason behind your choice of research procedure. Not only understand, but also agree with it. He must be able to easily relate to your objective of this thesis, your interest in the subject and the research question, and ways of collecting and finding relevant data. This basically depends on your research question and the environment you are studying in.

Hindrances in the progress:

During your research you must have faced certain difficulties in collecting data. Mention those difficulties to the reader and tell him how you over came them. Also tell how these difficulties could be avoided all together and how they were a hindrance in your progress.

Recommendations for the improvements in the process:

Because of the difficulties you faced in finding and collecting data you might want to make some improvements in the system. Discuss how you could enhance the research process and make it more effective and better.

Reliability and validity of the content of the chapter:

Your evidences and facts should be recent pertaining to time of your writing. Do not mention very old quotes that are not valid at the time of your research. This will decrease the credibility of your essay and make it more obsolete. You have to be very careful when your write dissertation methodology chapter.

It is very important that the reader trusts your writing and your sources of data. For this reason, this chapter is constituted so that the reader understands the approach of the writer and can easily verify the material for his own satisfaction.

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