The hemp industry is growing rapidly after people became aware of its various health benefits. People have recently discovered that vaping CBD is beneficial than any other method. Many people decide to choose vaping CBD for its medicinal benefits. 

It is said that vaping CBD results in faster absorption than any other method like edibles, capsules, oil, or tinctures. This is because CBD enters the bloodstream through your lungs directly, but in other cases, CBD first enters the digestive system where it breaks down and some part of it enters the bloodstream. Therefore, vaping CBD means immediate absorption and vape oil is generally the purest form of CBD without THC content. Rather than taking supplements for pain, anxiety, and other problems, people go for vaping for faster results. 

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What is CBD Vape Cartridge?

 A vape cartridge is a small unit that is prefilled with extracted CBD hers or oil. If you want, you can add some flavors as well to avoid that nasty flavor of CBD. There are various types of cartridges available on market. They all vary in style and brand. However, even if the style is different, they all follow the standard design formula. There are some basic parts which are available in all cartridges -

  • Chamber is a portion that is filled with a specified quantity of CBD oil. 
  • Atomizer is the heat source that is attached to a battery. When it is activated it produces heat to vaporize CBD for inhalation. 
  • Mouthpiece is the tip of the cartridge through which the person inhales the CBD vapors comfortably.

How to Use CBD Vape Cartridge? 

  • Before using a cartridge you need to ensure that the battery is fully charged. Attach the battery to the charger and check if the indicator light shows that it is fully charged. (Some cartridges have reusable batteries which need to be charged while some use disposable batteries).
  • Remove the packaging from the cartridge and attach it to the battery. The battery light will turn on indicating that the unit is on to use. 
  • Hold the button of the cartridge and inhale smoothly through the mouthpiece. You will see vapor coming out of the chamber which means the cartridge is working fine. 


  • Keep your battery fully charged because when the battery is low it will not heat the CBD oil and you will see sediments settles in the chamber which is harmful to the lungs. 
  • Keep the cartridge clean. This means to remove all black residues that stick to the chamber and mouthpiece so that next time when you inhale you don’t get a bitter taste. 
  • Store the cartridge always from bright light and extreme temperatures. 

If you understand the features of your cartridge, you can prolong its life. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help it to work efficiently. 

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