As you may know that uneven surfaces and stairs make it difficult for elderly people and disabled persons to move in and around the house, installing ramps benefits them in many ways. Wheelchair ramp systems play an important role in enhancing the mobility of these groups of individuals. It also provides convenience to other occupants in the house.

Are you willing to improve their standards of living in simple steps? You must opt for professional service. A reputed contractor can help you install the right ramp system using practical methods. It also helps you enhance the architectural structure of your home.

Some of the Considerations of Installing Ramps are-

  • Ramp Slope and Rise

While designing this kind of access solution, it is imperative to finalise on the dimension of the slope. It must be lower to increase the safety of the users. In general, it is advised to design a ramp with a 1:12 slope. You can also remove this burden by hiring a professional contractor.

  • Type of Ramp System

When you search the market, you can find two specific types of ramp systems. It includes a permanent access solution and portable access solution. In most cases, individuals prefer buying portable ramps. It can be used at different locations with ease.

  • Materials to be Used

Considering the material, you can find a wooden ramp and aluminium ramp. The most preferred material is aluminium. It is not only durable but it is also lightweight. Although you can choose wooden ramps for installing an access solution, it requires regular maintenance.

Some Important Facts

Installing a high-quality ramp also looks appealing to the eyes. Suppose you have purchased a new house at a different location, you can either add the amount of ramp system to the total cost of the residence for selling or you can carry it to the new location. If you have a concern about the installation process, you must know that installing a prefabricated ramp is quite easy.

When you design and build prefabricated ramps, you can easily assemble it using the instruction kit. It also helps you in disassembling the same.

What is a Prefabricated Ramp?

With the advancement in technology, you can find many new products. A prefabricated ramp is built using high-strength and durable aluminium material. It comes with interchangeable components such that anyone could install it without the need for professional knowledge. It can be easily done by following the guidelines while installing ramps for home use.

Find an Experienced Contractor

Are you ready to install ramps and handrails at home? That’s great! By picking a reputed contractor, you can build a custom, attractive, and top-quality ramp system. It is advised to verify the skills of the dealer. Also, you must identify the license before finalising anyone.

Once you hire a talented and certified contractor for installing residential access ramps, you can rely on his/her services. The best thing is that experts ask a reasonable price for providing quality service. So, what are you thinking about? You must choose a contractor today!

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The author is a reputed contractor. He has been serving homeowners for the last 15+ years. He is also a blogger. In his posts, you can find information on the need for residential access ramps, the benefits of ramps for home use, and many more.