This article explains the most common wine room construction mistakes that individuals often make. Read it till the end to avoid them in your case.

Want to become the next wine collector? You just need to create a cellar to begin storing your required number of bottles safely. However, the construction of a storage unit is not enough to preserve your collection. It is crucial to follow the basic rules to create one of your dream spiral cellars and ensure no mistakes in storing them. Getting assistance from experts can help you build it by employing the latest techniques and assist you in organising your collection as well.

If you are a newbie who wants to avoid mistakes and eliminate errors, this guide will come in handy. Here you will get to know them and learn how to avoid the same.

Listed Below Are the Most Common Wine Storage Mistakes

• Wines Can Be Stored at Any Temperature

In many cases, individuals think that they could store beverages at any temperature. This is completely wrong because there is a specific range beyond which you won’t be able to preserve your collection. Experts say that you have to ensure a temperature range of 50oF to 60oF inside the cellar. This is ideal to preserve the flavours and aromas of different drinks.

• Installation of Humidifiers is not a Must

Some people ignore the installation of a humidifier. Although this could be done while constructing a small-sized cellar, it is always good to have one. Do remember that a humidifier is required to create the perfect balance of moisture inside the storage unit to avoid dryness. Otherwise, you could observe small cracks on the surface of corks.

• Beverages Aren’t Sensitive to Vibrations

Do you think that wines and other beverages aren’t sensitive to vibration? This is not at all true because vibration could lead to disturbing the sediments of your drinks. If it is not stopped within a quick time, there is a possibility of damage to bottles. This is the reason why the installation of vibration-reducers is advised inside the cellar.

• No Issues with High-Intensity Lights

Reports suggest that high-intensity lights could spoil wines pre-maturely. And, this is one of the reasons why some new wine collectors have to face such unforeseen situations. To avoid this problem, the only solution is to create the cellar in a dark location and install low-heat LEDs. Also, keep them turned off when there is no use for your storage unit.

• One Can Store Wine Bottles in Any Fashion

Do remember that storing wine bottles on racks is an art. You can’t follow any method on your own because this could lead to spoilage or other uncertain issues. So, you are asked to select the bottle to be stored and place them horizontally on racks. Make sure that the cork will face front door with which they remain in required moisturised conditions all the time.

• All Types of Wines Could be Aged

It has been observed that many people consider the aging process for all wines. However, the thing is that there are only specific types of drinks to be aged. Other drinks must be consumed within the due date to avoid spoilage. So, you have to identify wines that you could store for the aging process for enjoying their divine taste.
Final Thoughts

Now, you are aware of the most common wine construction and storage mistakes. If you want to avoid them in your case, you have to follow this guide to make your way towards having a pleasurable drinking experience. Do remember that you have to follow the same rule even if you build one of the elegant spiral cellars or classic storage units.

In case you still need help, getting assistance from expert contractors would be ideal. They not only help you build a stunning wine room but also guide you in preserving your collection.

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The author has been associated with a local builder who works on constructing spiral cellars, classic storage units, etc. He is an architect in profession. He helps clients select the right wine cellar design for their residential and commercial projects.