One of the greatest success skills super achievers develop is the ability to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with their clients and to add real and meaningful value to them, when they sell them either their products or services. When I talk about sales I am not referring to the traditional definition of selling. Where someone with salesman on his business card arrives at your door and tries to convince someone to buy something. I am referring to the crucial skill of influencing people to do something that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Everyone is involved in Sales
Everybody on this planet is in the business of selling or put a little differently, influencing the people around them to do something differently. We constantly try to influence people all the time, we sell our partner on the idea of going to see a movie we want to see, we sell our children on the benefits of only hanging out with the right type of kids, or you sell our boss on all the reasons why we need a raise or a day off. As you can see the better you are at selling or influencing the people around you, the better the quality of your life and business will be.

Selling is a Life Skill
As you can see, selling is not just a crucial business skill, where you influence someone to buy you product or service. It is an essential life skill. It is time to make a small, yet crucial shift to the way you view traditional selling in your business and to remove your preconceived ideas about how much you hate selling. Forget about the traditional picture a salesman conjures up in your mind. Selling is not mysterious or complicated; it is simply the ability to positively influence people to act in a certain way, which will be result in a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

It is time to make the shift away from the notion that you are not a good salesperson and that you hate the idea of selling. Shift your perspective toward identifying that sales or influence is not difficult or mysterious. Stop thinking of yourself as a sales person, who sells a product or service and rather focus on the value you add, in the form of improving your client’s lives or businesses.

When you focus on consistently adding value to your clients and prospects, you are truly committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with them, and you have a genuine desire to help people improve their circumstances, selling or influencing them becomes really simple, as there is a level of fair exchange and everyone wins.

Add Value and Offer Fair Exchange
Strive to always discover innovative ways of adding meaningful value to your prospects and clients and consistently have their best interests at heart. Be authentic and always have a sincere and genuine interest in helping them to remove pain from their lives or businesses and always work to ensure that there is a flow of value to them, where they feel that there is always a level of fair exchange. This shift will make the selling or influencing process far easier and more enjoyable for all concerned. This new perspective or philosophy will help you to change your approach to every conversation or interaction you will have with any clients.

Listen for Ways to Add Real Value
You will no longer be pitching to clients, you will be enquiring about how you can best serve and help them. You will be listening and focusing your energy on uncovering ways to add value to their lives and businesses. Learn the art of listening and search until you uncover their real needs and desires. When you do this effectively, you are better able to offer solutions, which will help them improve their lives and businesses. Understanding your clients’ needs and adding meaningful value to them in the context of fair exchange will help you to become a valued and trusted partner in their business. Someone they know is there to help them, someone that they can confidently refer to someone else, who they believe will also receive great value from you too.

Help People get what they want
When you are genuinely committed to helping as many people as possible get what they want. The law of reciprocity comes into play and almost magically, people around you will begin to help you get what you want in return. Embrace the philosophy of authentically helping as many people as possible solve challenges or get what they want and you will see the magic begin. You will no longer be a sales person desperately wanting to make a sale, you will be a partner, who adds real and meaningful value to people.

Become a Keen Observer
Look at every relationship, every opportunity where you interact with other people as an opportunity to discover their goals, hopes, pains and challenges. Then figure out a way to add value to their lives and businesses. Try to help them wherever you can. This shift where you change your mind-set from selling to helping, adding real value and always ensuring there is a level of fair exchange, will transform your behaviour. This positive shift in your behaviour will influence people to respond differently to you and your sales results will improve. Approaching people with the objective of helping them, makes it a whole lot easier to sell and makes your life more rewarding and meaningful.

Commit to sharpen your “HELPING” skills and you will have discovered the key to unlock your competitive advantage in the market place. You will transform your life and business, you will begin to experience amazing, profitable results and amazing success.

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