Whether you are working with blogs or websites, if your goal is to get a lot of free traffic to your site then you should make it a priority to learn search engine optimization. A top 1st, 2nd or 3rd position ranking in the search engine results pages for your webpages can get you hundreds and even thousands of free visitors to your site on a daily basis.

It is estimated that as much as 70 - 85% of online traffic is search engine related traffic, which means that when someone goes online to find something, they usually start with one of their favorite search engines. This also explains why search engine traffic is so important to get, mainly because of the following two reasons :

1.) You are getting free traffic that you do not pay to have sent to your site and

2.) Because these visitors are actively searching for your product, service or information, they are very focused or targeted traffic visitors and this increases your chances of making a sale as a result.

When you Learn Search Engine Optimization you will better understand how to structure both your site and it’s content to get the best possible rankings. This is not a one time only thing that will make you rich overnight, but if you are serious about having an online site that attracts a growing number of visitors as cost effectively as possible, then you should definitely invest the time and effort needed to learn this skill.

Also, it is important to mention that seo should not be your only source or method of generating traffic to your site, that would leave your success in the hands of the search engines, however it should be one of the first basic marketing skills or strategies that you look at learning and implementing to help you build your online business.

When you Learn Search Engine Optimization you will learn some of the main factors that search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others use to rank your webpages and site as a whole.

This will include factors like :

1.) Keywords - The importance of choosing the right keywords and the proper and best way to use them both on and off your site to help your content rank well.

2.) Domain names and classification (authority sites vs smaller or niche sites)

3.) Content classification - Quality content, which is considered of value and useful to the searcher. Duplicate content, which is something that can hurt your rankings

4.) Links - This includes internal, inbound and outbound links and how they can help increase both your traffic and your rankings

5.) Site optimization - This will cover sitemaps, pluggins and other site configuration factors.

6.) Both on page and off page optimization to help increase your ability to rank your content well in the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

These are the general topic areas that you will cover when you choose to learn search engine optimization. This will give you a tremendous advantage over the large number of people who put up a blog or website without taking the time to learn how getting traffic on the internet or more importantly how SEO works.

Because these factors change to help search engines compete and meet their company goals of providing the best possible results for their users, it is important that you learn search engine optimization as soon as possible and work to keep your knowledge current so that you are able to maintain a high ranking for all of your content.

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