Victorian cast iron radiators can offer a wonderful choice for home renovation projects. It is surprising how much difference these radiators can make to a room.

To help you get started with buying and installing Victorian cast iron radiators here are a few answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

1. Where can I buy Victorian cast iron radiators?

There are several sources supplying Victorian cast iron radiators these days. Firstly if you want authentic original cast iron radiators then you can try reclamation centres or specialist antique dealers. These suppliers reclaim antique radiators from older buildings that are being renovated. This can include industrial buildings such as hospitals and museums and also private dwellings.

Antique radiators can be difficult to find so you may want to try one of the more affordable and accessible reproduction cast iron radiator manufacturers. They provide a wide range of brand new cast iron radiators in a wonderful selection of designs and finishes.

2. Can I fit Victorian cast iron radiators myself?

For the best results it is a good idea to get an experienced plumber or a specialist heating engineer to fit Victorian cast iron radiators. This will ensure that they are fitted and plumbed in properly.

• If you do have good DIY skills and have worked on heating systems before you could fit Victorian cast iron radiators yourself.

• Cast iron radiators are robust but they can develop cracks if dropped or manhandled. Because these items are heavy it can be difficult to fit them on your own so get some help for this DIY job.

• You must ensure any radiators are installed to a high standard to meet the building regulation guidelines.

• Make sure you flush the system before you connect it to the boiler to remove any debris and particles.

3. Where should I position my Victorian cast iron radiators?

It makes sense to follow any existing heating layout in rooms. In most cases the original radiators in the room will have been fitted in the most appropriate places. This also means you will not have to spend extra money moving piping around the room.

If you have no existing pattern to follow then the general rule is to position your Victorian cast iron radiators in the coldest part of your room. This could be underneath a window space or against the expanse of an exterior wall.

4. Can I fit Victorian cast iron radiators to an existing heating system?

This will very much depend on the type of heating system you already have in place. Most Victorian cast iron radiators will fit to modern heating systems. However if you have an unusual system (such as steam-based) you will have to get more advice before you buy and fit Victorian cast iron radiators.

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Victorian cast iron radiators truly are things of beauty that can add class to any living space. They are also very effective and functional options for your home heating requirements.