Chiropractors are considered as healthcare professionals because chiropractic is an alternative form of healthcare system. However, chiropractors do not make use of pharmaceutical medicines and invasive procedures. They use natural healing procedures incorporated with modern technology. Chiropractors deal with various physical as well as mental and physiological discomforts and aches.

As healthcare professionals, they believe that pinched nerves cause irritation that result to various pains and discomforts. Therefore, to alleviate pain and suffering of the patients, these nerves must be released from being pinched or squeezed. These nerve compressions may be due to deformity of the bones or twisted muscles.

Chiropractors must have completed chiropractic course and education as well as pass the licensure examination set by the State they want to practice their profession. Students must complete an undergraduate schooling before taking chiropractic program and finish the course. After graduating from chiropractic program, they must pass the licensure examination. For more advanced education, they may take a field of specialization such as pediatrics or maternal and child chiropractic care.

Being healthcare professionals, they are expected to confirm a diagnosis and formulate the most suitable chiropractic treatment program for each patient. Each chiropractic program may be different for each patient depending on the physical condition and needs of the patient. A diagnosis must be confirmed first before a chiropractor can create a chiropractic program. A diagnosis is confirmed through laboratory tests such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or X-Ray, a comprehensive physical assessment, and medical history of the patient.

They are also expected to provide a safe and effective method in treating their patients. Studies were made to establish the efficiency and safety of chiropractic care. After the patients completed the chiropractic program designed for them, patients reported that pain was alleviated and recurrence of pain was lessened. In addition, patients also reported that side effects, such as fatigability, tolerable pain, and tenderness on the treated body part disappeared after two days of therapy.

Spinal manipulation is the most popular form of chiropractic treatment. It is only licensed chiropractors are allowed to perform this type of treatment. Spinal manipulation is done by applying several gentle and mild pressures on the spinal area. However, the cooperation of the patient is very important for the success of this procedure. It takes several sessions with a skilled chiropractor before realignment of the spine is obtained.

Chiropractors have the knowledge, skills, talent, expertise, and proficiency to treat patients using chiropractic care. If the condition of the patient is more than the scope and practice of chiropractic, then the patient is referred to a medical physician for more analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation. On the other hand, some medical doctors refer their patients to seek chiropractic services regarding pain particularly on their back.

Chiropractors as healthcare professionals aim to provide patients pain-free and optimum level of physical and physiological wellness. Many people and other healthcare professionals as experts in managing spinal deformities and misalignments consider them. They also manage to maintain the neuromusculoskeletal functioning of an individual through various chiropractic approaches.

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