Chiropractic care is another form of medicine that utilizes traditional approaches in treating various physical and physiological discomforts, disorders, deformities and pains. Its methods of treatment is based on the theory that nerve compressions, due to deformities and misalignments, cause physical, mental, and physiological pains, discomforts, and disorders.

Many people are seeking chiropractic care these days. This is mainly due to its effectiveness in relieving body aches and disorders. Additionally, unlike medicine and surgery, its methods of treatment produce minor side effects, which usually last for a day or two after each treatment. Minor side effects include tenderness on the treated body area, fatigability, and tolerable pain.

Chiropractors manage neuromusculoskeletal disorders and deformities. The most common type of chiropractic treatment used in treating spinal misalignments is spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment. It is performed safely through the skills, expertise and knowledge of chiropractors. Only licensed chiropractors are allowed to do this procedure. Spinal manipulation is the application of several gentle and soft pressures on the spinal area to realign the position and structure of the spinal column.

Chiropractors treat patients who are experiencing back pain, neck pain, muscle spasm and stiffness, and any musculoskeletal problems. Even sports athletes are seeking the services of chiropractors to increase their stamina, prevent physical injuries and relieve body aches. Chiropractors also handle pregnant women to enable them to decrease labor pain and deliver healthy babies.

Chiropractic care is also known to enhance immune system, improve blood circulation and oxygen distribution, lower blood pressure, maintain normal blood sugar, and improve kidney functions as well as other vital organs of the body. It also increases muscle and bone strength.

Chiropractors to treat their patients use various approaches. These approaches may include exercise program, diet and nutrition, dry needling therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, and application of hot and cold compress. These help to restore physical wellness of an individual and maintain physical wellbeing.

Exercise program enhances muscle strength and prevents straining of muscle fibers, ligaments and tendons. It also increases range of motion and mobility without tearing any ligament or tendon. Massage therapy helps to relax muscles as well as untangle any knotted or twisted muscle fibers. Dry needling relieves pain by identifying trigger points that cause pain. Electrotherapy enhances nerve and muscle functions. It also prevents involuntary muscle contraction. Hot compress is used to increase blood flow to the affected area to enhance healing process. On the other hand, cold compress is applied to affected body part to prevent swelling and inflammation.

The safety of providing chiropractic care to the patients is established through various studies conducted by different researchers. These studies included different patients suffering from physical pain. After series of chiropractic treatments, patients were evaluated and results were obtained. Patients reported that pain was reduced and tolerable and recurrence of pain was lessened.

The goals of chiropractic care are to restore neuromusculoskeletal function, reestablishment of the normal anatomical curvature and structure of the spinal column, and to preserve physical health. It also aims to maximize physical, mental and physiological performance of an individual. With chiropractic therapy, health is restored and performing activities of daily living is achieved without difficulties.

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