If you want to camouflage hair loss, hair fibers can be the perfect solution. Hair fibers are made out of keratin, which is a component that can be found in natural hair. The hair fibers are added to your hair in order to make it appears fuller. With hair building fibers you will be able to cover your bald spots, you can cover thinning hair or make your hair look thicker.

Pick the right color

When you choose hair building fibers, it is essential that you pick the right color. Usually, you can find hair fibers in 9 natural shades. Sometimes you might not find the exact color of your hair, and in this situation, you can mix two different colors.When you combine two different colors, you should use the dark color first as a base, and then you can add the lighter color. When you choose the color tone, it might be a good idea to check out various pictures.

Dry hair

When you use hair building fibers, you should make sure that your hair is completely dry. That is because hair fibers manage to stick to your hair thanks to static electricity. You will also discover that hair building fibers could become lumpy when your hair is wet.
The right amount .If you want the best results, you shouldn’t apply too many hair fibers. Usually, a small amount is enough. Using too much will lead to an unnatural effect. Often, you can decide the right amount based on how severe your hair thinning problem is.
Another thing that you should do when you apply hair fibers is to apply them in layers. Use one layer and pat the fibers with your fingers onto the hair. You can also choose to spread them with a brush, but make sure that you do it very lightly.

<>Fiber hold spray

Another thing that can be very helpful when you apply hair building fibers is the fiber hold spray. This spray will make the fibers last longer on your hair. Additionally, it has natural ingredients such as vitamin B5, and they soften and condition the hair and the fibers.

Hair fiber applicator

When you apply keratin hair fibers, you can choose to use a hair fiber applicator. This device is attached to a bottle of hair fibers. When you use the hair fiber applicator, you will be able to apply the fibers precisely on the thinning areas.
Additionally, if you choose an applicator, the final result will look more natural, and it will allow you to use it economically. Make sure that you shake the bottle regularly so that the fibers maintain their loose structure.


Another “tool” that you can use is an optimizer. It will help you to create the perfect natural looking hairline. The hairline optimizer will help you save time and hair fibers. In order to create a natural looking hairline, you will need to scatter the hair fibers across the hair.

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