There are several methods in which you can learn how to test gold. You can do some researches about them and then choose from the different ways to learn about how to test gold. Testing a gold means checking the density of the metal in its metal form. If you learn the process properly then you can get value for selling this metal in the market. If you have made your mind that you want to sell jewelry for cash then you should know the ways of testing gold.

Most of the experts and dealers of gold use the conventional acid testing methods to check the purity of gold. The rule for this type of testing is simple. The acid which is used for testing will easily dissolve any fake metal into some type of forth but gold will not dissolve in acid. These acid testers are nothing but mixture of the chemical indicators and the mixture of different types of acids. They are prepared in such a way that with the help of them you can actually measure the purity of the gold.

You should know how to test gold which are not hallmarked. There are various ways in which can test such gold. You can find about them in various websites in the Internet. If you do proper browsing about the topic in the Internet you will find various blogs and articles about the topic. You can read them and can get educated about the matter.

Another simple way to test gold is to test with the magnet. You can bring a magnetic bar near the piece of the metal and see whether it gets attracted towards the bar. If it does then it is not gold because gold is not a magnetic substance. You should learn to test the impurities present in such metals. Do proper research about how to test gold. You can check the various sources like the internet or various magazines to learn the methods related with gold testing. You can even ask the experts in this field and know how gold is tested. Learn about the different tools used in testing gold. Try to know about various companies associated with gold testing. You can also learn from the experts of these companies about how to test gold. Learning about testing gold will help you earn a lot during a deal. Take your time and learn.

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