Want to sweep pick like a master? You’ve come to the right place!

A great first step is to put in some time into studying finger rolling.

You may be asking yourself: “Tom Hess, what exactly is finger rolling?”… and I’m glad you asked.

It’s simple actually:

Finger rolling is where you need to play more than a single note on the very same fret on multiple strings using the same finger.

Finger rolling is used in countless arpeggio shapes you play on guitar (and in some scale runs too). The hardest element about finger rolling is separating the strings to keep notes from ringing out together at the same time.

No worries: because you will learn a quick, almost fail-safe way to master finger rolling-- even when you've failed with it for a huge amount of time.

To start out, see this Youtube video where I demonstrate the ins & outs of fast & clean finger rolling.


So, now that you've seen the correct way to do finger rolling, now what?

Here are 4 more tips on how to sweep pick cleaner & faster ... and also: make arpeggio guitar licks you'll feel proud to play for your friends.

Sweep Picking Tip # 1: Practice The Other Aspects Of Sweep Picking

As you may have guessed ...

... there is a lot more to sweep picking than merely finger rolling.

Fortunately, those other elements are simple to master, assuming you understand what to listen to when you practice ... and if you practice the correct exercises.

What exercises?

The ones that help you target the key elements of sweep picking most guitarists ignore.

Here is what I'm referring to:


Sweep Picking Tip # 2: Integrate Arpeggios With Speed Picking

This is one of my favorite ways to not only clean up sloppy arpeggios ... but also play amazingly fast licks to be used in your guitar solos or simply impress others with.

The approach is simple: you stop on an arbitrary note of any arpeggio using tremolo picking.

If the note you stopped on sounds clean-- it means your hands are in synchronization and the arpeggio is sounding GREAT.

What if it doesn't?

Then you know precisely what to concentrate on as you play the arpeggio.

Watch this video & I'll teach you this concept, step by step:


Sweep Picking Tip # 3: Integrate Arpeggios With Tapping Technique

If you like arpeggios and love 2-hand tapping, it makes no sense NOT to integrate these techniques together.

It's easy to do and makes your guitar playing sound amazing (even if you can't perform either technique with speed yet).

Watch this video to see my favorite "slacker-friendly" ways to practice sweep tapping:


Sweep Picking Tip # 4: Play Arpeggios Melodically

No doubt about it: arpeggios sound great when you play them super-fast & clean.

But did you know?

They will sound just as awesome, when you (mindfully) use them over slow, sentimental backing tracks.

Do it right and you'll perform badass guitar licks that even anti-sweeping fanatics will want to learn from you.

Watch this video and see for yourself:


Now that you understand more about sweep picking, the next action is to change the rest of your guitar playing into top-level playing you'll feel truly pleased with. I helped tons of guitarists do exactly that in Breakthrough Guitar Lessons and I can help you too, if you want. To find out how, go to: https://tomhess.net/Guitar

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