How do you make melodic guitar licks that sound complex without needing tons of speed?




By combining tapping, legato and vibrato technique together in a creative manner.


Sound cool?


It gets better:


Using these ideas together helps you take any metal guitar lick and fit it together with other musical styles in a way that makes sense.


That's cool!


There are just a small amount of changes you need to make.


Watch this video clip to learn what they are right now:


If you struggle to make these ideas sound great, use these tips to make them sound great in no time:


Guitar (Vibrato) Tapping Tip # 1: Vibrato Specifics


Everyone knows vibrato is essential to playing guitar with emotion ...


... but what is the secret to making your vibrato sound fantastic?


Here are the two thing you need to work on:


  1. Keeping your vibrato in-tune


  1. Keeping the width & the speed of your vibrato in-check.


Get these 2 things correct and each and every note you add vibrato to will sing with eye-watering emotion.


Check out this video clip to see how to improve vibrato the right way:


Keep in mind: When you do 2-hand tapping, your vibrato has to come from the fretting hand (not your tapping hand).


Guitar Tapping Tip # 2: Cleaning Up Excessive String Sounds


Do you really love when sloppy guitar noises make a mess of your guitar licks and solos?


Obviously not! No guitarist does ...


So, what is the method to dealing with unwanted noise while you are doing vibrato tapping?


My reply:


Mute the lower (in pitch) strings using your picking hand's thumb and mute the higher (in pitch) strings using your picking hand's middle finger.


Develop your tapping licks slowly and gradually until you can do both techniques accurately and continuously.


Guitar Tapping Tip # 3: Fretting Hand Legato


How do you play legato on guitar that sounds fast, smooth and effortless?


The first action is to pay close attention to your fretting hand thumb.


Yep-- your thumb.


Put your thumb behind the neck of the guitar-- approximately behind the middle finger.


This thumb posture helps you spread out your fretting hand fingers and perform pull offs, hammer ons and slides with a lot of power (but very little exertion).


It also keeps it convenient to fret notes on the fingertips.


Check out this video to see a demonstration of what I am talking about:


And the second secret to smooth fretting hand legato?


Extra tension control.


When you play legato, pay attention to relaxing every part of your body that isn't being used to play guitar. This helps you with fretting hand finger independence and makes your playing more dependable & clean.


Guitar Tapping Tip # 4: Single-String Scale Visualization


A great deal of guitar players merely learn scales in one or two places on the fretboard.


This is not close to as efficient for becoming a better lead guitarist compared to what advanced players do:


These kinds of players learn how to master scales by visualizing them in different shapes all over the fretboard. This means going from the sixth string to the first string.


The top guitarists in the world/pros are able to seamlessly move through different shapes of a given scale all over the fretboard with no hesitation.


Playing impressive vibrato tapping guitar licks calls for this same amount of fretboard visualization.


Organizing just a little bit of time each day to visualize scales all over the fretboard truly pays off fast.


Because you understand the cool concept of vibrato tapping, start making all your guitar licks drip with emotion. Download this totally free lead guitar guide and start playing guitar licks other guitarists will want to steal from you.

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