What most people don’t know about dreams

Dream interpretation is one of the most exiting topics I came across in my journey to learn psychology.

Even though dream interpretation is extremely popular online still its one of the most misunderstood topics by common.

In this post I will fix all of the misconceptions about dreams and will provide you with the right way to interpret your dreams from a psychological point of view.

The biggest mistake people make when they attempt to interpret dreams

The biggest mistake people make when they attempt to interpret dreams is that they assume that symbols have a fixed meaning with disregard to the person who dreamt of them but this is completely wrong.

Simply If you fear dogs and you had a friend who loves them then if you both saw a dog in your dreams each dream will have a completely different meaning

For you’re the dream might be sign of danger while for him it would be something like meeting a new friend.

Dream are coded into symbols
The second mistake people make when they interpret their dreams is that they assume
That the symbols they see in their dreams are the same as the things they see in real life.

For example if someone saw his boss in a dream he might believe that the interpretation has something to do with his boss while in fact even people you see in the dream can be a symbol that represents someone else.

Let me give you a quick example to make things clear, if you had a fight with your best friend and he shouted at you without replying back to him you might dream of your dad shouting at you few days later.

This doesn’t mean that the dream is related to your dad because your dad was only a symbol that represented your friend (maybe they have something in common and that’s why your subconscious mind used this symbol)

Dreams reveal the past not the future
I get lots of mails from people who tell me that they are worried about a dream they saw because they fear that it turned into reality. The truth is that dreams are usually a reflection of some emotions that were felt in the past.

If you experienced few very stressful days you might dream of yourself missing the exam. This doesn’t mean that you will miss an exam in the future but it only means that you were stressed or worried in the past few days.

How to interpret your dreams in few simple steps
Using all of the previous information, this is how to interpret dreams

1) understand that only you can interpret your dreams because only you understands the meaning of your own symbols
2) try to relate the dream to the situations that happened to you in your life in the past (usually the past few days or weeks)
3) don’t assume that the people you saw in the dream are the real ones meant by the dream, the same goes for everything else, a dog might be a sign of danger not a dog, your friend might be your uncle and the bull might be your boss

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